How To Lose Fat At a Rapid Pace

How to lose fat at a rapid pace. Let’s face it. Christmas has just ended. A lot of you will have put on a few lbs. Alright, maybe it’s a bit more than that – say 10 or 12lbs. But fortunately for you, I’m going to provide 3 tips to rapidly burn off the fat and get those abs showing.

#1 Do more reps throughout the day

Now I don’t mean do 5 sets of 15 rather than 5 sets of 10. Actually what I mean is quite remarkably different. We are going to do exactly what I said above more reps throughout the day.

Upon waking, you will do 10 pushups. You will then jump into 10 sit-ups to work the abs, and then go into 10 single-leg squats. If single-leg squats are too much for you then do 10 lunges. Upon completing this, eat breakfast. After eating breakfast repeat the exact same routine I gave you above. The goal? Get 10 sets of these throughout the day.

Doing this will dramatically improve your insulin resistance and allow you to force more nutrients into the muscles and, of course, burn fat much more throughout the day. Try it. I’ve had my athletes report an increase in muscle mass and a significant loss of body fat following this simple routine. Of course, you should still do your “Main routine.” Consider this a supplement routine, use it wisely, and eat well and you will see dramatic fat loss.

Bonus! Buy a portable pull-up rack! These can be found almost anywhere online and are extremely easy to set up and take off your door. Add this to the routine and you will see much better results. I didn’t include it because I know not everyone is able to take one of these to work with them but if you can, you certainly should.

The routine would then look like this: Push-ups 10 reps, Pullups 10 reps, sit up 10 reps, single-leg squats or lunges 10 reps.

#2 Eat your vegetables and protein first

This is one of the best tricks in the book to prevent overeating and to slow down insulin release and avoid fat gain doing this little trick will give you a dramatic boost in being able to burn fat.

You start off by eating the vegetables (preferably green vegetables.) Feel free to eat as much as you want. As soon as you are done with that, start off by eating the meat and then finally the carbs.

The reason for this is vegetables are full of many nutrients including fiber and will help you feel “fuller” much quicker they will also slow down the release of insulin the fat-storing hormone. We then use protein which is the most filling food you can eat and is usually attached with some fat.

Let’s say you are at your grandmother’s. She’s done you a steak and fries. By simply eating the vegetables first and then eating the steak, you will feel full much quicker and will not feel the need to eat the fries, or at the very least you will have DRAMATICALLY stopped the spike in insulin to prevent the amount of potential fat gain you could normally see.

#3 Do some steady-state cardio in the morning before breakfast

This one is again not used how it should be! This can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Before breakfast, simply do a 30-minute walk or ride the exercise bike at a medium pace. This will allow you to tap into your fat stores extremely quickly. Bodybuilders have been doing this for years and often see 6 to 8lbs in weight loss within a matter of a month I can’t recommend this enough.

While this was quite a simple article, I find it gave some good basic advice that many of us are missing out on.

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