Sustanon: The True Side Effects Revealed

Sustanon is a brand that you’ve likely come across if you’ve done any research in the past on bodybuilding. This steroid is illegal in the US, but it is still quite potent. It was previously associated with increasing the speed of bulking to record levels before it was added to the illegal list. It’s a mixture of testosterone and has a mixture of short and longer esters. This means that Sustanon’s effects will last longer than other options. The illegal-factor probably showed us that things are not always perfect. Let’s take a closer look at Sustanon to see what it does to your body.

What Are the Advantages of Sustanon?

Let’s start with information about the benefits of Sustanon. Although it is illegal, bodybuilders across the country want it because it makes their jobs so much easier. This steroid can increase muscle growth and reduce fat. This is due to its higher testosterone levels. Sustanon also has evidence that it increases overall performance.

What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Sustanon?

It’s not all bad news, as the article’s tone might suggest. Although Sustanon is a great product for bodybuilding, you need to be aware of the risks and benefits. These drawbacks can have a significant impact on your life. Let’s take a closer look at the most important ones.

  • Breasts of man
    Sustanon’s most frequent side effects are the appearance of male breasts. This is medically referred to as gynecomastia. However, the effect is the exact same. Why is this possible? Your body uses aromatization to balance your hormones. This process converts testosterone to estrogen. Problem is, if you have more testosterone in your body, it will also increase the amount of estrogen. The result is that your breasts are affected and then the rest, as they say, is history.
  • Hair issues
    This next side effect is sometimes called hair problems. It can happen in both directions. Some people will lose their hair. For others, however, you might see additional growth. Both are undesirable and unnatural results, which can be explained by Sustanon’s additional testosterone.
  • Mood swings
    Sustanon can make you feel calmer even if you are calmest. It is a condition that can cause extreme mood swings, again due to the high levels of androgenic hormones in your body. Aggression is the most common swing, and it is something that no one wants to deal with.
  • Acne
    Most of us suffered from acne as children. You will see the benefits of Sustanon once you start to experience these bodily changes. Sustanon has been shown to stimulate the oil glands in your skin, which are responsible for making it oily. The likelihood of your skin breaking out suddenly increases if there is more oil in your skin. This is often the case with your back, but it can also affect your face.
  • Water retention
    Water retention can sound vague, but let’s explain the basic consequences. Your muscular definition will be severely affected if your body begins to retain more water. Sustanon can cause your body to bloat, which means that all the muscle you worked so hard for is suddenly gone.
  • Shrunken testicles
    This is the side effect that makes men most shiver. Your testicles may shrink due to the composition of the supplement. You might also experience impotence or a low amount of sperm. Some men have trouble having sex drives. There is some good news. This side effect should vanish as soon as you stop taking Sustanon. Your testicle size should also return to normal.
  • A rise in blood pressure
    Another side effect that is common is an increase of blood pressure. Other studies also show that Sustanon can increase your bad cholesterol while decreasing your good cholesterol. This is one side effect that can lurk in the background and can prove to be very dangerous.

Are There Ways to Avoid Side Effects?

The outlook is not good, as you can see from the previous paragraph. Although Sustanon may have incredible muscle-building effects, the risk to your overall health is too high to ignore. However, there are some positive developments. Over the years, there have been many advancements in the supplement industry. To the point where manufacturers have created legal Sustanon alternatives.

These do the exact same thing as their name implies. These products help your body build muscle and burn fat faster. However, they don’t have the horrible side effects we’ve already discussed. Although it sounds like a lot of people are imagining things, the manufacturers have found a way to work around this problem by using natural ingredients.

We all know that once something is natural, any side effects are eliminated. Your body will experience all the benefits of the muscle in a matter of 30 days. This is a path that many bodybuilders choose to follow, which is not surprising. Although the benefits aren’t as powerful, they can still be very beneficial and your body will reap the benefits in a short time.

What Is the Best Sustanon Replacement?

Testo Max is the only product that can be considered the best in this category. This product has been voted the best legal Sustanon replacement for many years. It uses a combination of natural materials that provide the most effective benefits and minimize side effects. Some past customers have achieved extraordinary results. One man was able to increase his bench press by 30 lbs in two weeks. Another gained 4 kilos in a month.

Crazy Bulk, the manufacturer of Testo Max, is one of the most well-known companies in the industry. They regularly offer to buy 2 get 1 deal to enable you to buy bulk products. This is important because Testo Max is often marketed as a premium product and is generally priced accordingly.

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