How To Get A Body Like Dwayne Johnson The Rock with Steroids

I know I originally said that I was going to do a post about John Morrison, but he can wait. How else could I follow our successful blog post on WWE Superstar John Cena other than talking about the The Rock? Especially when they’re currently having a massive feud, should you happen to be following the weekly RAWs leading up to Wrestlemania.I think the great part of this post, in itself, is I’m intending to reach out not only to WWE fans, but also to movie fans.

Dwayne Johnson. The Rock. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the list goes on of all the names this man goes by.

But what is it that’s allowed him to reach such heights in the WWE, and also on the big screen? For starters, there’s the charisma. No one can deny that The Rock radiates with charisma. The Rock is known to talk complete and utter garbage at times, but still come off as entertaining. But what else does he have that other movie stars lack?

Well, for one, not only does he have a tremendous body, he also has insane athletic ability.

When you see The Rock or Dwayne Johnson, what’s the first thing that draws your attention? Personally, I see his huge traps. Not only that, but you also can’t miss his arms. The Rock has developed quite the set of arms, and has well-proportioned biceps and triceps.

My only other problem with him is his chest. I don’t think his chest is well developed, personally. But then again, I’ve always been a very “chest dominant” guy. If you train your chest and have a big chest, everyone knows you lift weights. It stands out and looks great, with or without a shirt.
Now for more on The Rock…

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock – Before he was ever a WWE Superstar, he was a College Football player. In fact, in the year of 1991, he was part of the University of Miami’s National Championship Team. He also played for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League in his later years.

One thing you can’t doubt is his athletic ability. And this is another part of my post– The Rock is very, very mobile. I’m going to include steroids that will be very beneficial to joints and mobility.

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Dwayne Johnson has also gone through some quite dramatic body changes. In the past, The Rock has never had crazy amounts of muscle (in my own opinion, I’ve never seen him as a really lean guy). In fact, I’d bet he’s never had a great diet… and from many rumors, he loves to indulge a bit more then he should. Now, in recent times, he’s appeared with the build that of a larger than life bodybuilder.

When I saw the photo of him looking huge, I was extremely impressed. He was, by far, bigger than he was in his early WWE years. And while not completely “ripped,” he’s pretty jacked and looking good, without a doubt. For the first time in my life, I thought he had a very admirable body that a lot would and should desire.
At this moment in time, I’d say he’s a bit between both. I’d guess he’s around 11% body fat, while holding a tremendous amount of muscle mass.

But I’m sure you’d rather me go onto something more beneficial to you right, like how can you get a body like The Rock?

In my mind, and basically anyone with training knowledge, there is no doubting that The Rock has used steroids. But the questions are, what kind?, The dosages? We can speculate, and with education, we can discuss the anabolics he is most likely to have used and at what times he’s used them.

So let’s go over his training!

The Rock has stated many times his love for the Olympic lifts. He’s very fond of doing Olympic weight lifting. The Rock is known for his love of the clean and jerk, I believe its role in fat loss is actually marvellous. It works the entire body, and is perfect for stimulating every muscle fibre. [Now would be a great time to mention, I’ve got another post coming up soon, which will teach you how to use Olympic lifts to get fat loss you never dreamed possible]

The clean and jerk actually stimulates more muscles than a squat, FACT.

Want to lose weight? Try doing the Olympic lifts. I’m serious. 6X6 with only a minute break between each set on the clean and jerk will kill most guys. The amount of fat you can lose there is exceptional. And the best part? You’ll hold onto a hell of a lot of muscle!

Now, onto what steroid cycles I believe The Rock may have used. I’ll call this “The Rock steroid cycle”. Catchy, no? I’m going to name some of the most effective cycles I’ve seen my athletes use, especially those who struggle to lose weight and want to get some extra mass.

As I always said before, and will say again: I will guide you exactly and help you with everything you need. My goal is to help YOU to build the body of your dreams. I will give all the advice I can. And I will use real life results from my athletes. Bear in mind I’ve trained over 200 athletes on anabolic steroids now. I will give you the best forms of cardio you can do, and also the steroids to use to get the body of your dreams! You will learn how to take anabolic steroids safely AND be smart. (Yes, you CAN take steroids without any nasty side effects) I want you to get the best results.

Why spend more money than you have to? I’ll give you the best dosages and more importantly, the CORRECT dosages for you. No wasting money. No side effects.

My goal is to teach you the best ways to train while on anabolic steroids, and also the best way for your individual goals. Increase mass, lose fat, and build strength. It’s all here.

What you will need:

You won’t be using all of these at once. You can -the ones from the cycle you will be running.

-Testosterone Cypionate

Hard work and determination are equally important.

Remember with all these routines, a GOOD PCT is needed.

-Nolvadex for PCT
-Clomid for PCT
-HCG/Pregnyl for PCT

The first cycle will look like this:

Testosterone Cypionate 850MG per week – total of 16 weeks
Tren Enth 500MG per week – total of 12 weeks
Dianabol 50MG daily – total of 16 weeks

This cycle will lead to extraordinary gains. And I do mean, extraordinary. Another one I believe The Rock has used, or similar to it, and I’ve had many of my athletes use is:

1K Testosterone weekly -Total of 16 weeks
600MG Deca (Deca Test cycle dosage), weekly – Total of 12 weeks
60MG Anavar, DAILY—Total of 8 weeks

As you can see, a full gram of Testosterone a week. This is very powerful.

But if this cycle is done properly, it is in no way meant for “novices” or “noobs”, as you may call them. If it’s your first cycle, please visit this article How To Get 6Pack Abs, it’ll give you all the information you need to get started. But, if you have plenty experience, and a lot of cycles under your belt, and you want to see gains like in the early days, when simple testosterone could put 20-30lbs on you… Then this cycle IS for you!

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