Celebrities On Steroids – How To Get A Body Like A Randy Orton

We’ve covered Brock Lesnar, and Dwayne the “ROCK” Johnson—We’ve even done John Cena. Now, it only seems fair to do Randy Orton!

Randy Orton is actually easier to do than the others. Mainly because, he has actually failed anabolic steroid tests. So we already know with solid evidence of what anabolic steroids he takes.

Let’s discuss why I decided to do a post on Randy Orton. One of the main reasons is that, no matter what anyone says, he has a fantastic body. The second reason, however, is because he’s quite the contrast to the wrestlers mentioned above. He probably has the lowest body fat, and more of a “ripped” look. If you have 100 girls in a room and asked them who they find the most attractive, it’d be split 50/50 between John Cena and Randy Orton.

Randy Orton possesses a great physique, along with decent level of strength. He also has fabulous mobility, especially considering his size and height, along with his athletic ability. You have an athlete that could excel at almost any level in numerous sports.

He also has what a lot of people call “The look”, I.e. He just suits the role he plays. This would be the same if he was in a movie. He can look intimidating, strong, and impressive to the male viewers, while, at the same time, “sexy,” to the female viewers.

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Before we go over Randy Orton’s steroid cycles, We’ll discuss a little bit about his life.

Randall Keith Orton aka Randy Orton aka the Viper was born on April 1, in the year of 1980. He is currently an American professional Wrestler, and has also begun acting lessons to improve his acting skills. He is currently signed to the WWE World Wrestling Entertainment. He currently preforms weekly on its SmackDown brand. Randy Orton is a third-generation pro wrestler; Following in the footsteps of his grandfather Bob Orton, Sr., His Father “Cowboy” Bob Orton, and finally his uncle, Barry, all of whom competed in the professional wrestling industry.

As we can see, Randy has always had a “must win” attitude, and it will have been driven into him by his elders. It’s no surprise he has the best physique out of them and that he’s already arguably the most successful.

But that’s enough about that, why are you here? Obviously, it’s because you’re interested in obtaining a body like Randy Orton. So now we will discuss:

How to get a body like WWE Superstar Randy Orton
First off, let’s discuss his training methods.

Randy Orton is extremely explosive in the ring. He has a good vertical jump, and shows spectacular explosiveness. He isn’t massive, per se, but he has a nice amount of muscle mass and he is very lean.

It’s clear to see that his exercises are going to be very explosive and slightly different to what we’d see from John Cena, for example.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to train with someone who had a body eerily similar to Randy Orton—He did MMA. His body fat was, in all honesty, probably lower. He was around 4%, and I don’t think I ever saw him go above 8%

He was a lean machine, that’s for sure. Of course, he could just take off his top and impress all the girls with his killer abs. And I have to admit, due to all the core work he did, he did have GREAT abs. He’d never be a bodybuilder, but he had a body a lot of “wannabe bodybuilders” would love to have.

His training was quite unique. He didn’t do the bench press, for example. He had a decent amount of chest muscles, but he didn’t do the bench press or any variation of it. He had good shoulder definition, but again, no overhead presses to speak of.
Leg development, again, not bad. Nowhere near what I’ve seen some of the monsters have in MMA. But it was still impressive, similar to Orton’s. No squatting.

Let’s go over some of the training required to develop a body similar to Orton’s.

Cardio is needed and a certainty. In fact, your weight lifting routine should be focused on very short breaks. “Why?”, you ask? The shorter the breaks that you take, the harder it is on your cardiovascular system, and the more fatty acids are released into the blood stream, and long story short? You’ll lose that fat!

What we’d do is something like this

Day 1, Cardio, 45 Minutes HIIT
Day 2, minutes slow paced cardio (think exercise bike)
Day 3, Cardio 45 Minutes HIIT
Day 4, 30 minute whole body session, 20 minutes Slow
paced cardio
Day 5, Cardio 45 Minutes HIIT
Day 6, 30 Minute whole body weight lifting session, 20
minutes slow paced cardio
Day 7 off

Yes, the training sessions will be intense. Especially to get to that level. However, it is a LOT easier to stay lean, than it is to get there, due to the increase in metabolism, the increase in insulin sensitivity, along with quite a few other variables.

I also highly recommend taking Clen (Clen dosing)

Clen, while not a “miracle drug” (there’s simply no such thing), can still be seen similar to one in the fact that if you are losing 1/2lbs or so a week without Clen, you WILL lose 4/5lbs a week with it.

Losing nothing, in that hard stage wanting to get that 6 pack, or just needing a kick starter, then Clen will also allow you to lose weight. I’ve had guys drop to 10%, not wanting to lose any muscle mass but need to lose that extra fat—We’ve added the Clen and noticed another 4/5lbs of fat loss, leading to the 7% area of body fat and looking fabulous.

Clen is also great for after a Steroid cycle. I highly recommend it to women and men alike, as it is VERY safe. In all honesty, it’s safer than an aspirin, unless abused.

Starting in September 2004 through February 2007, Orton was caught ordering the anabolic steroids Somatropin, Nandrolone and Stanozolol.

Nandrolone (aka Deca) and Stanozolol (aka Winstrol) are the drugs Randy Orton failed his drug test for. I am assuming he also used Testosterone, as it’d be quite silly not to, and he wouldn’t be pleasing anyone in the bedroom that’s for sure. (Deca dick joke)

Realistically, we can assume Randy Orton went on a bulk. His main goal was to put on as much muscle as possible that he could then keep at a low body fat.

His cycle would of looked something like this

Testosterone Cypionate 750MG Weekly week 1-16
Deca 600MG weekly week 1-12

He’d then go on to a very good PCT which is, of course, extremely important. And I’m sure he’d of used Clen as part of his PCT.

The goal of Orton, in my mind, would be to maximize his potential. He knows the importance of looking good, and especially having a low body fat. But he also knows he can’t just be one of the other guys in the 8% body fat number. If he wanted to be taken seriously he has to stand out. Great in ring talent or not, he has to also look better outside of the ring.

As soon as this was over, we can safely assume he decided it was time to cut. He needs to keep as much of the muscle mass as possible, but equally needs to be as lean as possible, to show off the body he’s now built—And to give off the impression that he’s actually larger than he is.

So Orton took Winstrol, which, again, I think is safe to say, will have gone something like this:

Winstrol 150mg

This would of lasted 8 weeks.

Which would of ended up with the results you see now. Though, as I can show you in the photo I’ve uploaded, Randy Orton didn’t always look great.

If Randy Orton has progressed from this, why can’t you?

If this is the case, then what’s stopping you from looking every bit as good, if not better, than Randy Orton, himself?

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