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How to Use Anadrol to Get the Body of Your Dreams

Let’s look at the history of Anadrol and, more importantly, how it can be used to build you the body of your dreams and get strength gains you didn’t believe were possible.

Anadrol was originally named ‘Anadrol Z’ when it was first created in the year 1960 by Zoltan. It was, of course, originally created for the sole purpose of treating illnesses such as osteoporosis, anemia, and (the part that interests most of us, I’m sure) to stimulate muscle growth! And boy, does it do this?

Buy Anadrol – Sounds good so far, but what are the Side Effects:

Gains of up to 50lbs are common in just over a month, and strength gains are just as dramatic.

The side effects of Anadrol can be pretty serious if abused. In fact, I’m 100% sure they will be serious if this substance is abused. Anadrol is EXTREMELY powerful. Gains of up to 50lbs are common in just over a month, and strength gains are just as dramatic. Adding 50 to 60lbs to your bench in just 3 weeks is extremely common.

But if this substance is abused and not controlled or just ignored, you will see side effects! What side effects? First of all, it is very toxic to the liver, so milk thistle is a must. What are some of the more common problems individuals seem to suffer from? Well, nausea, acne, and bloat from estrogenic side effects are common, so another must is to use an anti-estrogen to prevent this.

Anadrol, like its little brother, Dianabol, is best to be used at the beginning/start of a steroid cycle. I personally say for no longer than 3-4 weeks, otherwise, you can put your health at risk. While it’s possible to use this steroid safely, a lot of guys abuse it due to the mad results they see. And I really recommend that you DON’T DO THIS.

If you abuse the staff, you will get side effects. Is extra muscle worth ruining your life over? I don’t think so. Most users use 1 or depending on their experience, maybe 2 tablets maximum, per day for 2-4 weeks. If you use more than this dose, you could find yourself suffering from hepatitis, cirrhosis.

The lesson here is, respect the staff. Use sensible doses and use liver protection and estrogen protection to get some good, kick-ass results… or face serious health problems. Diabetics beware, this stuff messes with your glucose levels and will cause problems. So do not use it if you are diabetic under ANY circumstance!!! Thank you!!!

Buy Anadrol – Benefits of Anadrol to a bodybuilder or a powerlifter

In my experience, power lifters love this drug far more than most bodybuilders.

What makes this the best to use for a bodybuilder? Or even worthwhile?
Two words that spring to mind: MONSTER GAINS!!!!! Anadrol is by far the strongest oral steroid created to date, it increases red blood cell count and will quickly (I’m talking about as quick as the flash in a race against a snail!) promote nitrogen retention in the blood and muscles, which will also rapidly create an explosion of protein synthesis.

Basically, gains of up to 10 to 20 pounds in two weeks are not uncommon, and everybody in the gym will quickly notice you have gained a huge increase in size and strength. In fact, I’m sure everyone you see will. It’s hard to deny being on steroids. But you’ll be surprised by the amount of crap a lot of guys/girls will believe if you wish to keep it hidden.

Buy Anadrol – How do I stack Anadrol?

Anavar is best used in stacks. Anadrol is best used as part of a stack. As we discussed earlier, it can and should only be used for a very short period of time, so it is logical to get the best out of it while you can, so it should be used to kick start a bulking cycle. (Don’t even try using this for a cut, it’s not Tren!)

Anadrol is best stacked with strong, long-acting testosterones such as Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate and even Sustanon 250. Anadrol is best used in the first 2-4 weeks to get your blood levels up quickly, so that just as soon as you come off the Anadrol the long acting testosterone will have kicked in, keeping you on the right track for a major mass gaining protocol.

Besides stacking Anadrol with strong, long-acting Testosterones, many users will also stack it with good old Deca as the base drug or many will use Equipoise as this can massively increase your appetite, and eating plenty in a bulking phase is essential.

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