Trenbolone Cycle for Gaining Lean Muscle

Trenbolone is a well-known injectable steroid in the bodybuilding community. It’s affectionately known as “Fina” because it was adapted from the Finaplix pellets used by cattle ranchers. On cattle, Finaplix improved feed efficiency and mineral absorption—cattle gained more weight even when the same levels of feed were consumed.

It was also known as an injectable drug for humans called Finaject. Eventually, Finaject and even Finaplix were discontinued. It is still available on the black market although pharmaceutical-grade trenbolone is no longer available. Only those made by underground labs are available.

In the US, the use of Trenbolone is illegal according to federal law, and sporting organizations prohibit its use. That’s because it causes a very long list of side effects, including severe damage to the kidneys.

Benefits of Trenbolone

If trenbolone is known to cause a long list of side effects, why do bodybuilders persist in using it? There are several notable reasons for this decision.

Trenbolone raises levels of free testosterone and also boosts nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. This enhances protein synthesis that results in serious muscle mass gains. It also does not cause water retention, which also emphasizes lean muscle gains. Because it is in injectable form, there’s no risk of damage to the liver.

The capacity of trenbolone to boost lean muscle is also due to its notable fat-burning properties. It burns off visceral and subcutaneous fat from the body. It’s for this reason that the use of trenbolone is possible for both bulking and cutting cycles.

Trenbolone also boosts strength as well, and that can improve the efficiency of workouts. But because trenbolone suppresses the libido, it is usually recommended that testosterone is used in the Trenbolone stack.

Alternatives to Trenbolone

It is not surprising that some bodybuilders will take trenbolone even though it has been classified as illegal and unsafe. Many bodybuilders truly value the benefits it provides. But what’s surprising is that bodybuilders will take trenbolone even though safer alternatives are available these days. In fact, some bodybuilders are forced to discontinue the use of trenbolone because they find themselves unable to cope with the side effects.

One of the most notable alternatives to trenbolone is Trenorol from Crazy Bulk. Like the steroid on which it was based, it also promotes enhanced lean muscle mass. It also burns off fat. And these benefits come in a very short time.

But unlike trenbolone, Trenorol is totally safe. It’s taken in oral form, so all the dangers and inconveniences associated with injectable steroids are bypassed. There is no side effect at all, and it is totally safe for your liver or kidneys. It can also be used for both bulking and cutting cycles.

Finally, the use of Trenorol is completely legal. There’s no need for a prescription, and there’s no risk of legal penalties or sanctions from athletic governing bodies. For all these reasons, you may as well switch to Trenorol instead of persisting in using trenbolone. You get all the benefits and none of the medical and legal risks.

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