Trenbolone and Its Effect on Testosterone Levels

In a bid to outperform the competition and to achieve the very most strength and growth, it seems that bodybuilders and athletes will turn to pretty much anything they can get their hands on as a way to enhance themselves.

Trenbolone is one example of an illicit drug used by many competitors which has a number of negative side effects and is very unsafe as a way to boost testosterone. Here we’ll take a look at what trenbolone is, why bodybuilders use it, and how you can get the same effects safely without breaking the law.

What is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone is a type of steroid that is primarily used by vets on livestock. The aim of this is to increase their appetite and their muscle mass. Right away this tells you why bodybuilders are interested in it, but also why you should steer clear of it. It’s designed to be used on cattle for crying out loud!

The full name of this substance is trenbolone acetate and is sometimes casually referred to as a ‘fina’ by users. Trenbolone works by binding to androgen receptors, which it does five times as much as testosterone. This results in more free anabolic hormones in the body. At the same time it also increases ammonium ion uptake in the muscles, which improves protein synthesis. It’s also believed to decrease catabolism and also to improve appetite.

Effects of Trenbolone

Of course all this means that trenbolone users will experience increased muscle growth, better absorption of nutrients, increased appetite and less break down of muscle. All these effects make it highly popular among bodybuilders.

Another thing that makes this particular substance popular is that it is believed not to get metabolised by aromatase or 5a-reductase into estrogenic compounds. In other words, it shouldn’t increase the amount of oestrogen and dihydrotestosterone in the body, meaning that it may not have some of the same unwanted side effects. Oestrogen of course can lead to the development of female traits, while DHT is what leads men to develop extra hair and aggression.

Then again, this isn’t particularly supported by the evidence and in one study it was shown that trenbolone could cause gene expression with the androgen receptor in the same way as DHT. This suggests that it could lead directly to male secondary sex characteristics thus leading to a loss of hair, increased hair on the chest and ‘roid rage’. It is also suggested that kidney toxicity may be an issue (though studies have yet to prove this).

Other known side effects include insomnia, erectile dysfunction, aggression, elevated body temperature, dark coloring of the urine, paranoia and increased blood pressure.

Safer Options

As you can see then, trenbolone may be a good way to increase anabolic hormones and strength with it, but it can also lead to a number of other negative side effects which is why it is banned by most agencies.

There are other ways to boost anabolic hormones which are much healthier and safer, and these include using more natural supplements, increasing your training, getting more sleep and adding protein to your diet.

One of the safest alternatives if Trenorol from Crazy Bulk. It mimics trenbolone without any of its negative of nasty side effects. It is highly effective for increasing lean muscle in the body. This supplement can add up to 15 pounds of lean, hard and dry muscle to your body in just 30 days. It is not surprising that it has been getting a huge response from bodybuilders.

There’s no need to turn to trenbolone!

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