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Trenbolone Side Effects on Men, Mood, the Heart and Liver

Trenbolone is a very popular anabolic steroid with stringent side effects, more so than other anabolic steroids. Since it was first developed, Trenbolone has been regarded as a scary, mythic compound. Many people who read about the drug are scared by what they read. The reason is that people don’t understand Trenbolone side effects and the risks compared to the benefits. What you need to understand is that there are numerous other compounds that are much more mysterious than Trenbolone. Once people understand Trenbolone, it’s not as terrifying as they thought.

Review of Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone has some unique side effects to it. Yes, it does have common side effects as any other anabolic steroid but it has its own one-of-a-kind side effects. Bear in mind that some of the unique Trenbolone side effects have made many people to label it a harsh anabolic steroid. Not everyone will experience them but the majority of folks do get them. The side effects people experience will depend on a number of factors:

• Individual response to compound
• Lifestyle habits
• Personal genetics
• Gender
• Age

What are some of the adverse side effects you may or may not experience with the use of Trenbolone?

Trenbolone Increases Perspiration

Trenbolone has a tendency to reveal its powerful nutrient partitioning effect. This ability is how every single anabolic steroid works, with some showing it more than others. Trenbolone is one of those anabolic steroids. When this happens, a person can experience a rise in their metabolic rate as an unexpected effect. Excessive sweating can happen any time of the day or night and is often seen at night when a person is sleeping. This side effect isn’t anything real serious or life-threatening but can be a real nuisance. Trenbolone users will need to increase their water intake because the excessive sweating can cause dehydration.

Insomnia and Trouble Falling Asleep

Users of Trenbolone and other anabolic steroids often report suffering with insomnia. While the side effect is minor for many anabolic steroids, Trenbolone users tend to have this side effect much more often. In fact, the number of people who have the side effect is mind-blowing. It’s not known why this happens, but it’s believed its components stimulate the body’s nervous system.

This causes people to be unable to sleep, feel tired or continuously get restless sleep (tossing and turning) or constantly wake up during the night. Many Trenbolone acetate or enanthate users need some kind of sleep aid to help them get a good night’s rest. Our recommendations for the best Trenbolone stacks and cycle dosages here.

Gynecomastia Caused by Trenbolone Side Effects

Gynecomastia is a very complicated issue that’s not completely understood. How progesterone and estrogen react with each other is a complex issue. Progestins are seen as inhibitors of Prolactin secretion. There is a significant amount of evidence that claim 19-nor compounds like Nandrolone and Trenbolone can cause the body to generate Prolactn from the pituitary gland.

Trenbolone is a Progestin and acts on the Progestin receptors found in the breast tissue. Both Prolactin and Estrogen receptors are also seen in breast tissue and it’s thought that the Estrogen receptor activity will worsen the progesterone receptor sensitivity. Basically, progestins like Trenbolone will make the estrogen receptor to increase the sensitivity of the estrogen levels and raise the possibility of gynecomastia. Even low levels of estrogen will cause the enlargement of gynecomastia.

The amalgamation of Progesterone, Estrogen and Prolactin will produce an intricate network, which is why gynecomastia is an issue. Prolactin’s effect on this medical condition because of Trenbolone will often show itself in one key way: Nipple lactation – fluid that leaks from the nipples, when pressed or squeezed

Men who have high Prolactin levels could experience Trenbolone side effects like erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia, which is the inability to get an orgasm. There are several ways that people can prevent these problems:

• Users could use Prolactin-antagonist like Bromocriptine, Cabergoline and Pramipexole, which act like dopamine-receptor agonists that reduce or eliminate prolactin levels.
• Control levels of estrogen by using aromatase inhibitor with compounds that will aromatize like Testosterone or by decreasing testosterone to TRT doses so there is a reduction in aromatization into estrogen.
• Using vitamin B6 to control the levels of prolactin – 600mg on a daily basis.

It’s important to understand that controlling the levels of estrogen go hand in hand in controlling the levels of prolactin being released by the pituitary glands. However, this won’t work for everyone. Some people still suffer with increases in prolactin even if they have low levels of estrogen while they use Trenbolone. This is why everyone needs to use a Prolactin-antagonist like Cabergoline or Pramipexole.

Does Tren Decrease Libido?

The problem with one’s libido stems from the increase of Prolactin, and for males this can cause a number of issues:

• Nipple lactation
• Reduction in libido
• Erectile dysfunction
• Anorgasmia

Keep in mind that Progesterone can keep the production of prolactin from occurring and 19-nors like Trenbolone can suppress levels of prolactin. Now, Trenbolone or Nandrolone are considered a progesterone, rather they are anabolic steroids that show signs of progestogenic activity because of the chemical modifications, which is why it’s possible for the hormones to show signs that is contrary to the parent hormone. It’s important people use testosterone while using trenbolone and have another type of prolactin-antagonistic compounds to control the side effects of prolactin.

Trenbolone Cough

Users can experience very mild to extremely serious coughing fits right after getting an injection. Many people feel the rumor is a myth while others view it as a truth. This side effect comes on because of the needle hitting of the capillaries or vein while it’s being injected. When trenbolone is being injected, it releases an oil-based structure that goes into the ruptured vein and, finally, the bloodstream.

What happens is the body is trying to get rid of the foreign substance – it carries the oil to the lungs that the user then coughs out. Thus, the coughing fit ensues! Keep in mind that any oil-based anabolic steroid will cause this side effect. It’s not known why negative side effects of Trenbolone causes a more serious coughing fit than others, although there are several theories as to why this is (some fairly reasonable to others not so much).

The coughing fit can be scary to the person experiencing it but hardly ever a life-threatening condition. The intensity of a coughing fit can be very mild – like a tickle in the throat – to serious – full-blown, intense coughing fit. With the more serious coughing fit, people may experience excessive sweating that will stop once the coughing stops. Click here to find Trenbolone (T-Bal75) pills for Sale.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

Many trenbolone users say they have experienced a reduction in their pulmonary and cardiovascular capacity while using trenbolone. However, once the users don’t use the drug any longer, the side effect also goes away.

It’s believed the side effect is dose-dependent. Many users who use low levels of trenbolone may not experience this side effect. People who use a higher dose often experience the side effect.

What is happening is a bronchial constriction – it makes it hard for the user to suck in copious amounts of oxygen, especially when working out. Of course, everyone is different, so some people will experience it while others will not.

This side effect of Trenbolone is not regarded as a serious life-threatening issue, but exercisers may notice issues while they workout. It’s a temporary condition that asthmatic people should understand about, especially if they have a serious asthma attack.

Irritability and Aggression

Trenbolone is just as powerful as androgen as it is an anabolic, with the androgenic strength being five times testosterone’s strength. It’s got 500 androgenic rating, which can increase a user’s feelings of aggression and irritability. Like the above side effect, this is a dose-dependent side effect. The higher the cycle dosage taken, the more likely chance of suffering with the side effect. Some people may not even have this side effect at all.

People who have anger problems or a short temper should be careful when using trenbolone because it can increase these traits. It’s advisable that these people do not use Trenbolone to avoid any possible issues. It’s best that only people who have a stable psychological state should use Trenbolone or else the adverse effects on mood may be worse. And, if persons using the drug notice a change in their behavior, they need to be aware of their actions. It all boils down to personal responsibility when people use anabolic steroids or any kind of drug for that matter.

Stress on Kidneys and Liver

One half-truth, half rumor to trenbolone use is that there is additional stress put on the liver and kidney. Trenbolone isn’t any different than other injectable compounds when it comes to the additional stress but on the human organs. Trenbolone does put a small bit of strain on the liver because of its struggle to hepatic breakdown and metabolism. However, the toxicity of this is hardly an issue.

Still, every person needs to take precautions when it comes to their liver and kidney and anybody who has had problems with these organs are advised not to use trenbolone or other anabolic steroids.

The kidney damage rumor is from the fact that the urine turns a darker color with a strong rusty orange color to it. It’s often thought to be a bloody urine, which is why people assume it damages the kidneys. Trenbolone side effects don’t cause damage to the kidneys, but it does change the color because it will oxidize.

Trenbolone and the Liver

Trenbolone does not have C-17-alpha alkylation, the chemical modification needed for permit the anabolic steroid oral bioavailability. The modification can show itself in various hepatotoxicity degrees. Trenbolone doesn’t have this feature, but does have a minute amount of hepatotoxicity. This is due to its chemical structure, causing the Trenbolone to have a higher resistance to hepatic breakdown and metabolism.

This minute amount is not a reason to be concerned, for healthy persons, since the liver toxicity doesn’t reach the levels experienced by oral C17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroids. If a person is suffering with pre-existing liver issues, they need to be aware of the problem. Blood work needs to be done on Trenbolone users to keep an eye on the liver enzymes. A doctor may also prescribe a liver support supplement to avoid side effects of Trenbolone from a cycle and to ensure the liver functions properly.


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