Winstrol-Only Cycle Results for Hardcore Cutting

LEGAL NOTICE: Winstrol is legal in some countries, but requires a prescription to be bought in other countries.

Legal Winstrol

Winstrol-only cycles are occasionally used during the cutting phase of a bodybuilder’s season. This steroid is useful for eliminating that last layer of fat that may be obscuring your muscle definition. Winstrol helps to promote a toned and muscular physique that looks great during competitions. While most people will cycle Stanozolol (Winstrol V) in a stack with other steroids for better results, it is not uncommon to take it by itself.

Many factors contribute to people reacting to the Winstrol cycle differently. This difference may be due to factors such as dosage, regular exercise, diet and individual sensitivity to the drug. Winstrol is often used by bodybuilders in a cutting cycle to preserve lean muscle mass. Fat tissues are burnt up in this process.

Thereby bringing about the depletion of fats in the body. The cutting cycle is aimed at retaining the lean muscle mass as the fat is removed. Winstrol-only cutting cycles such as oral tablets and injections have been found to increase the levels of testosterone in the body. This aids the body to use up more testosterone to preserve lean muscle. It does not result in weight gain when used in the cutting cycle. Greater results were obtained when Winstrol was used with a stack of other effective steroids.

Winstrol Only Dosages for Men and Women

It is important to note that almost all anabolic steroids have virilization effects on women. This means that anabolic steroids have the ability to confer masculine characteristics such as body hair growth, deepening of the vocal cords, and enlargement of the clitoris in women. However, as long as women use low doses of Winstrol for short periods they will avoid such negative effects. Most women prefer oral Winstrol tablets to injections.

Women take a lesser dosage than their male counterparts. Women should not exceed 10mg of Winstrol a day. A cycle of 4 weeks is recommended for female beginners. During this time the drug is taken every two days for the first week after that, the user can step up the dosage to 10 mg per day. Winstrol injection has a half-life of about 24 hours and most men prefer the injection form of Winstrol. However, the oral tablet has a shorter half-life.

More women prefer the oral form to the injection. Whatever your daily dosage is, you can split the dosage into even doses throughout the day. It is a known fact that male athletes have the capacity to take a higher dosage of Winstrol than females. A maximum of 8 weeks cycle is recommended for men. Doing more than 8 weeks may put the individual at serious risk of liver damage.

A dosage of 50mg per day is good enough to bring about decent results. For bodybuilders and especially individuals who are involved in competitive activities, increasing the dosage for the last 1 – 2 weeks of the cycle has been found to be effective. A dosage exceeding 100 mg per day as well as taking this dosage for more than 2 weeks could be injurious to the user and therefore is discouraged.

How to Run a Winstrol Cutting Cycle

A lot of people have come up with different dosages and usage regimens for steroids depending on the particular steroid in use, with some people using up to 1000mg weekly. However, this is different from Winstrol. The dosage of Winstrol is fairly narrow and stable. The average female may use a maximum of 20mg a day while male counterpart may use up to a maximum of 100mg per day.

Dosage may be lower for people who are supplementing their athletic performance. The dosage will also be lower if you combine it with other steroids such as Anavar in a stack. Competitive body builders prefer to supplement with Winstrol-only cycles. This is because of the benefits accrued to its cutting cycle rather than its bulking cycle. It is important to note that the standard Winstrol doses will fall in the 50mg per day range for about 7 weeks while some other people may choose to use as much as 100mg per day for the entire period of the cycle.

But there are disadvantages in high doses. High doses of Stanozolol can be stressful to the body. This is because it affects the liver and the lipid profile in a negative way. Nevertheless, Winstrol only cycles could be used in higher doses when used in the short term. This has been found useful among athletes, body builders and others who are engaged in sporting and strenuous activities. Using Winstrol at a dosage of 100mg per day for about 2 weeks before a competition can be very effective and has been found to have little or no effect on the lipid profile and liver.

Winstrol popularly known as Stanozolol has been used by many competitive bodybuilders at a dosage of 50mg per day for about 6 weeks after which it is raised to 100mg per day for about 14 days before a competition. This has been found to increase their body physique. Stanozolol’s greatest feature is that it improves athletic performance as it increase the athlete size without much addition in weight.

Unlike any other class of steroids, in many cases, Winstrol is taken in dosages as low as 20mg– 25mg daily. This would have an effect on the shape and size of the athlete though, with little to moderate noticeable change. Furthermore, the dosage of 50mg per day is the recommended pattern taken for about 6 weeks. Note that this dosage will be determined by the athlete.

Winstrol Stacks and Other Cycles

While you may think a Winstrol-only cycle is the best strategy, this is simply not the case. Experience and research have shown that the best results are obtained when Winstrol is stacked with other steroids. Some common steroids that can be stacked with Winstrol are: HGH, Testosterone, Anavar, Trenbolone, Anadrol, Dianabol, Primobolan, Halotestin, equipoise, Testoviron and others. The cutting cycle, as opposed to the bulking cycle, is where excess fat is trimmed off. This will aid individuals to achieve a toned defined body.

Winstrol depots stack well with many steroids. A stack of Stanozolol, Trenbolone, and Testosterone works well for many. However, this cycle is not expected to run for more than 8 weeks. This is because of its increased liver toxicity. The most important role of Winstrol pills is in the cutting cycle. It is well known for its ability to lower the Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin better than other steroids. This increases the level of circulating testosterone in the body. Winstrol-only cycles are not recommended for bulking cycles. This is due to the fact that most bulking cycles tend to be toxic to the liver. The addition of Winstrol depot will only increase the level of toxicity to the liver.

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