What is Moobs? Discover Different Types of Treatments for Man Boob

Learn the causes, symptoms and treatments of man boobs in this article.

Bodyfat Cause Man Boobs

If you’re thinking of getting rid of your man boobs, don’t be embarrassed about it as this is a prevalent condition among men everywhere.

The fact that there are a lot of treatment options being offered is testament to how widespread the condition is.

Before we look at these options, an explanation will be necessary.

More explanation about what causes man boobs

There are different types of gynecomastia treatment pills and solutions, but they are all meant to remove excess body fat, as that is one of the main causes of man boobs.

It’s a known fact that most man boob cases develop in older, overweight men and there are scientific explanations for that.

If you eat a lot and don’t work out, excess fat is deposited throughout your body including the legs, thighs, arms, stomach and chest.

This is more common among older men because they usually don’t work out as frequently as younger males, and also because it gets harder to lose fat as you get older.

Hormonal imbalance is another possible cause. Usually men have a high level of testosterone and a little bit of estrogen but in certain cases the estrogen hormones increase and testosterone goes down, resulting in an enlargement of the breasts.

Hormonal changes are natural during puberty, which is why boys during this period develop man boobs, though it goes away after a while.

If adults develop man boobs it could be due to excess body fat or hormonal imbalance brought about by anti-androgens used for cancer treatment, anabolic steroids, androgens, and medications.

Antidepressants, AIDS medications, calcium channel blockers and drugs for ulcer can also trigger hormonal imbalances and gynecomastia. Street drugs and excessive drinking of alcohol are possible culprits too.

There are other possible reasons for enlarged breasts such as hypogonadism, hyperthyroidism, liver failure, kidney failure and malnutrition .

However these are accompanied by other symptoms other than swelling of your chest. If there are other symptoms you should see a doctor.

The most obvious symptom of man boobs is enlargement of your chest, but sometimes the chest area also feels tender. Either way these are both signs of man boobs and can be treated using any of the methods below.

Note ; if you are a teenager with man boobs, don’t take any pills or surgery; it is a normal and part of growing up. The only time you should consider treatment is if you’re already an adult and there’s no improvement in your condition.

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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Fast: Consider Better Diets and Exercises

If you search for gynecomastia cure online you’re going to find several options, some more effective than others . We will look at these in a moment, but also consider that gynecomastia cases vary in severity so the time it takes to get results will vary as well.

The first thing you should do is change your diet. The primary reason men develop this condition is excessive fat accumulation, so naturally you should try to get rid of it.

The rule is simple enough: you have to burn more calories than you put in, so cut back on the donuts, cheeseburgers and junk food and eat fiber rich food.

You should also increase your protein intake as that will fill you up quickly and stimulate muscle growth.

Here are some suggestions:

Once you’ve got a diet plan set you need to start an exercise program. Aerobic exercises like running and swimming burn more calories compared to resistance and strength training.

However, strength training can burn calories faster, so the best option is to combine the two.

It’s tempting to focus on your chest alone, but spot reduction can be difficult and is impractical. For the best results you should incorporate exercises that will work out your entire body such as crunches, sit ups, pushups, planking, twists and so forth.

Of course you should do as many chest exercises as possible as well as lifts that build chest muscle.

Your first goal is to reach your ideal body weight. Don’t think about your chest fat for now and just concentrate on getting your weight down.

You should also aim to cut your calorie intake by 25%. Avoid crash diets as it’s going to make your condition worse and produce undesirable effects.

What you need to focus on is balance, both for exercise and diet . You don’t want to starve yourself, but you have to control the types of food you eat.

Second, don’t overextend yourself during exercise. Start slowly and give your body time to get used to your new routines.

Working out 5 days a week is a good way to start, and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment either.

Most of the routines you’ll be doing such as crunches, sit ups, bench presses and more can be done at home. All you need is an exercise mat, a bench and some dumbbells.

Moobs Treatment: Gynecomastia Surgery and Cost

Gynecomastia Surgery Risk: Permanent Scarring

Surgery is an effective treatment for gynecomastia and many consider it to be the most reliable.

Unlike exercise and diet you’re going to see results in just a few days, but it’s also the court of last resort because of the cost and side effects and health risks.

A standard procedure costs anywhere from $3000 to $5000!

And this doesn’t include doctor’s fees and the cost for whatever medications you have to take during the recovery process.

You can’t even save on insurance because man boobs surgery is not covered, as it’s considered a cosmetic procedure.

Natural Treatment for Manboobs Vs Surgery Risks

If you have money and want to get quick results surgery may be your best option. But even if you have the financial means you need to consider the risks.

While surgery carries a high probability of success there are risks such as permanent scarring, bleeding and allergic reactions to the medications you’re taking.

Your doctor will also ask about your medical history to ensure you’re healthy enough to undergo the procedure. If you’re going under the knife, these have to be factored in.

Natural male chest reduction methods like exercise and diet don’t carry such risks. Once you commit to changing your lifestyle, you won’t just lose your man boobs but also be healthier overall.

Exercise won’t just remove man boobs but also improve your physique, reduce cholesterol, sugar levels and so on.

The drawback with the natural approach is it takes a lot of time and dedication…

…even with regular exercise it’s going to take several weeks before you notice any improvement in your physique, and you’ll probably notice changes in your stomach, arms and other areas before the fat on your chest is reduced.

And this is only the exercise part, as the diet is just as difficult for some if not more so.

If you’re used to eating junk food you’ll need a lot of willpower to avoid cakes, chocolates and other foods. You don’t have to completely cut them from your diet, but reduction is necessary.

Gynecomastia Pills: Your Best Chest Fats Burning Pills

For a lot of men, gynecomastia pills is the best treatment available. They are not as expensive as surgery but produce results much more quickly than just diet and exercise.

If you look these up online you’ll see several brands being sold, which indicates the high demand for them.

What makes these pills attractive is the cost: they’re way cheaper than surgery and yet produce the same results.

Dosages vary per brand but basically what you need to do is take a couple of these pills a day just like a health supplement. You don’t have to take time off from work and you can go about your daily routine.

There are other advantages:

  • You don’t have to go to the hospital
  • You don’t have to take time off to recover from surgery
  • You don’t have to take recovery medications
  • You don’t have to change your diet
  • You will see results in about a month in most cases

These pills don’t work overnight but they will work if you give it enough time. However you need to do some research as there are a lot of brands to choose from.

Start by reading reviews of these products to get an idea of what people think about them and if they are effective. You should also examine the ingredients and check if they have been clinically proven to burn fats.

When it comes to man boob reduction you have several options as indicated above, and it’s up to you to decide which is most suitable for your situation.

For most men however, pills provide the most practical solution to the problem of enlarged breasts. Diet and exercise certainly help, but when combined with these pills your breast size will be reduced as if you underwent surgery.

Common FAQs

Several questions have been asked about the incidence of gynecomastia (man boobs). These are the most frequently asked.

QUE : Why is my gynecomastia getting worse?

Most people who suffer from gynecomastia will usually be able to reverse the symptoms or stop it from getting worse by determining what caused it.

If you have determined the cause of your man boobs and have taken steps to get rid of it, the growth of your breasts should have stopped progressing.

If the cause you determined was wrong or your gynecomastia was caused by more than one factor, then you may have to see a physician to clear any doubts. Or try our recommended chest fat pill here.

QUE : Why I have gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia may be caused by a range of factors including but not limited to food, drugs, obesity, diseases, etc.

A lifestyle change and treatment of the underlying cause may be helpful.

QUE : Which drugs cause gynecomastia?

Several drugs have been implicated in the ability to cause gynecomastia. These drugs include Antimicrobials (Efavirenz, Ethionamide, Isoniazid, Ketoconazole, Metronidazole);

Antineoplastics( Alkylating drugs, Imatinib, methotrexate, vinc alkaloids, ACE inhibitors, Amiodarone);

Alkylating drugs (Imatinib, Methotrexate, Vinca alkaloids);

Cardiovascular drugs (ACE inhibitors (eg, captopril, enalapril), Amiodarone, Ca channel blockers (eg, nifedipine, diltiazem), Methyldopa, Reserpine, Spironolactone);

CNS-acting drugs (Diazepam, Haloperidol, Methadone, Phenothiazines, Tricyclic antidepressants);

Antiulcer drugs (Cimetidine, Ranitidine,Omeprazole); Hormones (Androgens, Anabolic steroids, Estrogens, Human growth hormone)

Recreational drugs (Amphetamines, Ethanol, Heroin, Marijuana)

OTC herbal drugs (Lavender oil, Tea tree oils)

Other drugs (Auranofin, Diethylpropion, Domperidone, Metoclopramide, Phenytoin, Penicillamine, Sulindac, Theophylline)

Most of the drugs listed above act as aromatases that have the ability to induce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Others cause depression of the body’s ability to produce testosterone.

And if you currently use steroids or thinking of using them, we suggest you totally avoid such dangerous drugs and use these steroids alternatives instead .

QUE : Why is gynecomastia surgery considered cosmetic?

Gynecomastia surgery is considered cosmetic because it is done not to save a persons life or stop pain but to prevent the person from being embarrassed or ridiculed.

In most cases where there is significant pain or a tumor associated with the gynecomastia, you may be able to get your health insurance provider to cover the surgery.

Otherwise, there are other options. Using a compression vest under clothing can offer some short-term relief. In addition to this, you may also use supplements such as Gynectrol to reduce the size of your boobs for a more long term solution.

Surgery should always be a last resort as it comes with several risks of its own, is very expensive and will leave you unable to function normally for a while.

QUE : Why is gynecomastia so common?

Gynecomastia has always existed. It is more prevalent nowadays due to the lifestyles we live. Several foods and medicines are causative factors of gynecomastia and have led to an increase in the occurrence of this disease.

For example, 30% of men who use spironolactone are likely to experience gynecomastia. Several other drugs have even higher statistics.

In fact, statistics have shown that 37% of young men and 57% of older men suffer from gynecomastia in one of the four grades. See if these exercises can help you.

QUE : Why is it painful?

Most people who have experienced gynecomastia report feeling pain in their breasts in the initial period when the growth starts.

The pain is usually accompanied by puffy nipples and sometimes a discharge of fluid from the breasts. In most cases, the pain will go away on its own after a while.

If the pain persists or worsens, you should speak with your doctor about it and have it resolved.

QUE : Why does gyno occur in puberty?

Many men experience gynecomastia during puberty as a result of the constant fluctuation in hormone levels.

During puberty, your body secretes more testosterone than previously. This hormone is what signals the beginning of the secondary sexual changes that occur in males.

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In some people, aromatization occurs that causes the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

This increase in estrogen levels is what leads to gynecomastia.

In most cases, adolescent gynecomastia will resolve by itself within a year of occurrence.

Your doctor might ask you to come back for several appointments just to monitor how it progresses and if intervention is needed. Get more ideas here about teenagers and gyno.

QUE : Which insurance covers surgery?

Several insurance companies do not cover gynecomastia surgery as it is considered a cosmetic condition.

If you can establish that the gynecomastia is causing you enough pain to impair your daily life or that there is a tumor present, they might be more willing to cover the cost.

QUE : Which doctor treats gyno?

Plastic surgeons that specialize in cosmetic surgery and gynecomastia surgery may be good options for treating gynecomastia if you are ready to put with the crazy cost and physical cum health risk involved.

They will usually have significant experience in treating this condition and can show you before and after pictures of previous clients and tell you what to expect. Otherwise we at DbolMuscleSecret recommend the top pills called gynectrol .

QUE : Where to buy gynecomastia pills, shirt?

You can buy gynecomastia pills and shirts at most fitness and health stores. In most cases, men prefer to order online to protect their privacy and prevent ridicule.

Buying a manssiere or a compression vest is as easy as going to Amazon.com.

When buying pills for gynecomastia on the other hand, it is better to go for a trusted brand such as Crazybulk’s Gynectrol to solve your man boob problem . Get full details and super deals discounts here.

QUE : How to get rid of naturally?

Getting rid of gynecomastia naturally is another option to be considered.

Crazybulk Gynectrol is an all natural supplement that can be used to treat gynecomastia with no side effects.

QUE : When is gynecomastia normal?

Gynecomastia may be considered normal in conditions where the male has been castrated or has no testes to produce testosterone.

Also, genetic abnormalities can make gynecomastia normal for some people. Treating people with these conditions is unlikely to resolve gynecomastia permanently as the underlying causing the problem will remain untreatable.

QUE : Best alternatives to surgery?

There are several alternatives to gynecomastia surgery including; gynecomastia supplements, compression vests, manssieres, etc.

Gynecomastia supplements such as Gynectrol can give you permanent relief from gynecomastia depending on the cause of your moobs.

Compression vests and manssieres work by hiding the presence of your moobs. They are to be worn underneath clothing and make you appear as though you have a smooth and manly chest.

QUE : Is gynecomastia a tumor?

Gynecomastia is not a tumor. It can, however be caused by a tumor. Tumors which affect the testes, adrenal glands or breast tissue have been known to cause gynecomastia.

These tumors may cause a drop in the level of testosterone or may lead to an over secretion of estrogen or uncontrolled growth of breast tissue.

If you suspect you have a tumor, you should visit your doctor immediately.

QUE : Is gynecomastia a sign of low testosterone?

Gynecomastia can be a sign of low testosterone. However it can also be a sign of normal or high testosterone.

First, the male body can make estrogen from testosterone through a process called “aromatization”.

If this process take place continuously, it can lead to an over production of estrogen and gynecomastia even when the body has sufficient testosterone.

On the other hand, gynecomastia can occur when the production of testosterone dips very low and estrogen becomes the more dominant hormone.

QUE : Gynectrol: Where to buy it today?

To ensure product safety, proper storage and ethical selling practices, the manufacturers of Gynectrol sell this product on their company website dedicated for it.

In addition to this, shopping at particular times of the year can gain you a huge discount with the same assurance of quality and discreet shipping.

QUE : How to use Gynectrol to get rid of Gyno?

Gynectrol is sold in a tub of 60 pills with a recommendation to use 2 pills per day. A 30 day supply (one tub) costs only $61.99 as opposed to retail pricing of $80.

In addition to this discount, you can buy 2 and get 1 free. Also, there is the option of free shipping to the US and UK. All other locations attract a flat fee of $9.99

For optimum results, use for at least two months consecutively. Get details of the efficacy of gynectrol here.

QUE : Gynectrol customer reviews?

Several people have written reviews about this product and its effectiveness. Gynectrol is able to produce reduction in breast tissue size within a month of using it.

QUE : Gynectrol side effects:

Gynectrol is an all-natural health supplement that has no side effects. The only downside to using Gynectrol is the amount of time it takes to see results from its use.

QUE : Is there a Gynectrol scam?

Gynectrol is not a scam. It is an effective option for reducing breast tissue and decreasing the size of enlarged breast tissue.

QUE : Is Gynectrol a steroid?

Gynectrol is NOT a steroid. It is a natural supplement containing gugglesterones, caffeine, green tea extract and a few other natural compounds that can burn breast fat in a short period of time.

Once again, for the above questions get more facts and benefits of Gynectrol Pills here

QUE : What exercises removes moobs?

Exercises that focus on toning the pectoral region can help to reduce the appearance of moobs. These exercises cause the growth of the underlying muscle tissue in the chest region and prevent the chest from looking flabby.

QUE : What food causes moobs?

Breast enlargement can be caused by any foods that can promote the production of estrogen. Foods such as soy which contains phytoestrogens can alter the hormonal balance of the body when consumed in excess and can lead to gynecomastia.

QUE : What are moobs made of?

Enlarged breasts in men can be made of fatty tissue, glandular tissue or a mix of both.

QUE : Are moobs hereditary?

Though rare, gynecomastia can be hereditary. It can also be caused by several genetic conditions that may have been present at birth such as Klinefelter’s syndrome, Kallman’s syndrome, hemochromatosis, etc.

QUE : Can I Transform Moobs to Pecs?

Majority of the people who suffer from gynecomastia as a result of obesity can transform their moobs to pecs through disciplined clean eating and working out.

Exercises that target the chest such as dumbbell presses, close grip weighted push ups, kettlebell flyes, chest dips, etc.

Focusing on eating clean and working out will not only help you to transform your moobs to pecs but will also get rid of the fatty tissue that is causing your moob problem. Gynectrol Pills may help you achieve this…


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