The Most Effective Ways to Hide Man Boobs

While most guys appreciate a nice rack, we generally prefer that it’s not on our own bodies… Seeing a nice set of boobs is something most guys enjoy, yes, but seeing them in the mirror is a cause for serious alarm. This is a highly embarrassing condition that can leave us feeling less masculine and that can open us up to serious ridicule from friends (and enemies).

Unfortunately, man boobs are also a somewhat common problem and something an awful lot of us are forced to live with. In some cases, this is caused by the condition “gynecomastia”. In other words, it is simply a collection of excess fat in an unfortunate place. Either way, it’s something that guys will want to address as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, gynecomastia isn’t dangerous – it’s just embarrassing. While you look for a long-term solution then, it can help to use any of the following techniques to simply hide those man-boobs and keep your mates from finding out…


Growing a hairy chest is one way to immediately reduce the appearance of gynecomastia. If you shave or wax at the moment then, consider cutting it out for a bit. This way, you’ll be able to hide the depth of your cleavage under a mass of hair!


Another strategy is to layer up. The more layers you pack on, the more you’ll be able to flatten and hide your breasts. A thick jumper is particularly good for this, as is a coat. Of course, this gets a little trickier in the summer…

Baggy Clothes

This is why it’s lucky that wearing baggy clothes is also an option. Wear some clothes that will hang from your chest and not hug your figure. This might make you look a little broader than you are but that’s probably better than looking voluptuous for most guys!

Wear Black

Black is slimming and in photographs, it removes shadows and contrasts necessary to see outlines and protrusions. In other words, it causes your breasts to blend in more with the rest of your body, thus hiding them from sight – at least at a quick glance.

High Neck Lines

Combine all these style choices with high necklines. This will at least hide any sign of cleavage!


A woman trying to get into a very tight dress will sometimes use wraps to flatten her chest. You can use the same strategy for this entirely different purpose!


Working out won’t necessarily get rid of your man boobs. If you have genuine gynecomastia, then this is caused by breast tissue and not fat meaning you can’t ‘burn it’ in quite the same sense and muscle will just sit underneath.

That said, it can still flatten those breasts in a manner similar to a female bodybuilder and it’s a good way to disguise them slightly – if your abs are ripped, then people might assume that you have pecs rather than boobs…

Use these strategies in the short term and combine this with a supplement like Gynectrolfor long term results.

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