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A lot of guys will turn to Anavar when considering steroids because they think it is the safest and the least serious. As we’ll see though, these guys are really kidding themselves if they think there’s such thing as a safe or legal steroid, and the only real option, if you want to protect your health and not break the law, is to choose an alternative. Fortunately, a good one happens to exist: Anvarol.

Why Bodybuilders (Mistakenly) Choose Anavar

It is certainly true that Anavar has less potent effects than other steroids and that this carries over to the health implications. Anavar is the mildest form of steroid available and if you use it at low doses (20mg) then it won’t even cause that much of an impact on your natural testosterone levels.

But if you think this makes Anavar safe then you’re very wrong.

Anavar is still a steroid and is still going to damage your liver. Because Anavar is only available orally, there’s no getting around this strain. It’s less damaging than something like Dianabol, sure, but there’s still a small risk of death. This is something you should never take lightly.

At the same time, Anavar also still has negative impacts on the body’s natural testosterone production. You still need to run post-cycle therapy and you still risk needing HRT for the rest of your life. There are also negative side effects for your heart, blood pressure, sleep, hair, and more.

All this still happens despite the positive effects of Anavar being very mild. If you increase Anavar to increase the hypertrophy, you increase the negative aspects more.

Legal Issues

More to the point, Anavar is illegal. This means you put yourself at risk whenever you use it – not only of being fined but also of buying an unsafe batch that hasn’t been in any way tested or regulated. That also means that you can risk being disqualified from any sport you might be engaging in and it means that you’re fuelling illegal industries. Those same people selling you the Anavar may well be selling many other illegal drugs – is this something you really want to be involved in?

The Alternative

But there is a legal and safe alternative to Anavar. It’s called Anvarol and it comes from the company ‘Crazy Bulk’. As you can tell by the name, Anvarol is designed specifically to appeal to people who might have otherwise chosen to use Anavar – and almost all the positive effects are the same including increased muscle growth and fat loss.

The difference is that Anvarol does not include dangerous synthetic substances. Instead, it uses only naturally occurring ingredients that have been shown in studies to help the body naturally increase its own testosterone levels. This means there is nothing dangerous passing through the liver and no negative impact on natural testosterone.

What it also means is that you can buy Anvarol legally and safely online from a reputable company that is subject to all the same regulations as any other supplement company. This is a smart choice and a much safer way to give yourself an edge in the gym.

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