Clenbuterol Cycle – Major benefits, cycle advice for women & men

Taking the right clenbuterol cycle dosage is essential for getting the maximum benefits, and it’s also necessary to prevent unwanted side effects.

Unless you know the facts, it’s all too easy to make a mistake and not get the results you are looking for.

What Does Clenbuterol Cycle Mean?

If you want to learn the facts about clenbuterol weight loss, you must know what the cycle means. Essentially it is about using clen for a specific period of time and using specific dosages.

When talking about these cycles, there are two types available: the clen only and those where it is used with other steroids and drugs. Which one to use depends entirely on the individual and what their goals are.

Major Advantage or Benefits of Clen Cycle

If you look at clenbuterol for sale online you will notice that the emphasis is on the benefits, and that’s to be expected because this is an effective stimulant / steroid.

There are a lot of potential benefits here, but more than anything else, clen is good for helping you lose those unwanted pounds and accelerating your metabolism.

Unlike other diet pills, clen is a proven stimulant and as such it’s very efficient in terms of heating up your body and getting your fat cells to work overtime.

If you’re going to use clen, there are several things you need to consider and keep in mind. First of all, it’s meant to help you lose body fat, which is exactly what you need when cutting.

Second, clen can be used with other steroids to improve your physique and make yourself physically stronger.

It’s true the cycle is most often associated with losing body fat, and it is good at that. But you can also use this to increase your physical endurance and strength, and this is one of the reasons why clen is used a lot by bodybuilders and fitness buffs, as it’s versatile.

To sum up the benefits of clen, they are the following: first, it’s going to stimulate your metabolism and get your fat cells working up to burn calories.

Second, it plays a huge role in keeping your lean tissue intact, and if you are going to work out that’s something you will need.

Third, clen works very well when it comes to increasing your muscles especially when it is combined with other steroids.

Clenbuterol (Clenbuterol cycle chart) Cycle for Men

Clenbuterol results show they’re effective for men who are in the cutting phase and getting rid of persistent body fat.

There are a lot of options as far as cycle goes for men, but if you have gone beyond the beginners’ stage you can try the more advanced cycle below for cutting:

  • Week 1: clen 20 mcg / day / Anavar 40 mgs / day
  • Week 2: clen 40 mcg / day / Anavar 40 mgs / day
  • Week 3: clen off / Anavar 40 mgs / day
  • Week 4: clen off / Anavar 40 mgs / day
  • Week 5: clen 40 mcg / day / Anavar 40 mgs / day
  • Week 6: 60 mcg / day / Anavar 40 mgs / day
  • Week 7 and 8: clen and Anavar off
  • Week 9: clen 60 mcg / day
  • Week 10: clen 80 mcg / day

If you look at the cycle above, there are a few things that become obvious: the first is that the dosage for the first week is light.

If you’ve been taking more powerful steroids before, it is possible to start off with 40 mcg, but if not, it’s better to go with 20 mcg and give your body time to get used to it.

While clen is safe to use when the right dosages are used, it’s not as mild as oxandrolone, so it’s best to give yourself time to adjust.

Some advanced users may point out that the 80 mcg is too light and a lot of men probably use 140 mcg, and it’s possible to do that. But in this case, it’s all right to just use 80 mcg since you will be taking Anavar.

The bottom line is that if you are going to take clen, the other elements in your cycle will affect the dosage and the results.

Clenbuterol Cycle for Women

Liquid clenbuterol cycle for women are as varied as those for men, and you have the option of taking clen alone or with other steroids to enhance the effect.

For beginners, it’s best to start with clen only so if there are side effects or your body is not yet strong enough for stacking, you will know immediately and make the proper adjustments.

Here is a cutting cycle that women can try out:

  • Week 1: clen 10 mcg / day / GW-501516 10 mgs /day
  • Week 2: clen 20 mcg /day / GW-501516 10 mgs /day
  • Week 3: clen off / GW-501516 10 mgs / day
  • Week 4: clen off / GW-501516 10 mgs / day
  • Week 5: clen 20 mcg / day / GW-501516 10 mgs / day
  • Week 6: clen 30 mcg / day / GW-501516 10 mgs / day

The above cycle is intended for more advanced users, and once your body has become used to it and you don’t suffer from side effects, the cycle given above will work fine for most, and in many instances you can increase the dosage and get even more benefits. However if it’s your first time to use clen, you have to start with the low dosages.

Clen Cycle for Beginner, Male
Here’s an example of a clen cycle for men, and you may take clen alone or you can combine with oxandrolone to increase the effect.

But since you’re just starting out, you’re better off with clen only so it will be easier to check if there’s a problem or you still need more time to adjust.

  • Week 1: 20 mcg
  • Week 2 40 mcg
  • Week 3: 60 mcg
  • Week 4: 80 mcg
  • Week 5: 100 mcg
  • Week 6: 120 mcg
  • Week 7: 130 mcg
  • Week 8: 140 mcg

One of the reasons why beginners need to start out slowly is it will be easier to determine if what you are feeling are clenbuterol side effects and not the result of other steroids.

It’s a known fact that clenbuterol dosage plays an important role in keeping you healthy, and by taking the right amounts as described here, you don’t run the risk of getting overdose or suffering from extreme effects.

There are a lot benefits to using clen, and as fitness buffs will tell you, there are several ways to cycle it.

The first option is to take it for two days straight and then two days off and keep going for four weeks or more.

The other option is to take it for two weeks and go off for two weeks for an extended period. The third alternative is to start with a low dosage and take it continuously for several weeks.

These options are clearly different from the ones that are mentioned, and it only goes on to show how versatile it is. For a beginner though, stick with the simplest one given here, and if there are no side effects you can feel free to try something else.

Clen Cycle for Beginner; Female

Women who take steroids usually opt for oxandrolone because it’s mild, but clenbuterol is a good option too especially when it comes to losing weight. For women who are into fitness or just plain trying to lose weight, clen is a good alternative as it’s effective and safe.

Here’s an example of a clen only cycle:

  • Day 1: 20 mcg
  • Day 2: 40 mcg
  • Day 3: 60 mcg
  • Day 4: 80 mcg
  • Day 5: 80 mcg
  • Day 6 to Day 12: 100 mcg
  • Day 13: 80 mcg
  • Day 14: 60 mcg
  • Day 15: off
  • Day 16: off

If you buy clenbuterol you can try this cycle as well:

  • Day 1: 60 mcg
  • Day 2: 80 mcg
  • Day 3: 80 mcg
  • Day 4: 100 mcg
  • Day 5: 100 mcg
  • Day 6 – Day 12: 120 mcg
  • Day 13: 100 mcg
  • Day 14: 80 mcg
  • Day 15: off
  • Day 16: off

The dosages given for these cycles are the most suitable for beginners, and regardless which of the two you choose it’s going to result in weight loss and muscle gain.

The muscle gain it should be stressed, is not as large as those you would get with steroids, so it’s suitable for women who want to get in shape.

Last but not the least, the efficiency of clen depends on how you eat and exercise. You may have heard that over and over, but it bears repeating because clenbuterol is meant to enhance what you’re doing.

No matter what clen cycle you use, it’s not going to make you lose those pounds or make you stronger if you don’t put in the hours working out.

But if you do, you will notice a significant improvement in your physique, as you will be fitter, leaner and stronger.

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