Surgery Options for Man Boobs and Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, or the development of ‘man boobs’, is a highly embarrassing condition for any man and something that can leave him wide open to teasing from his peers. If you find yourself with this condition then, you will likely be looking for the fastest and most effective way to solve the problem.

And when it comes to speed, there is no option quicker than surgery. This way you are literally cutting away the breast tissue leaving flat bone and chest underneath, returning your appearance to normal.

While this is true though, surgery won’t always be the best choice and there are many reasons that you should consider using a product like Gynexin instead. Read on to learn more about the surgery options available and why they aren’t always the best choice.

Gynecomastia Surgery Options

When you go for gynecomastia surgery, the options available are going to depend specifically on the type of gynecomastia you are suffering from.

More specifically, it will hinge on whether you are experiencing real gynecomastia – triggered by the development of female ‘breasts’ – or whether you are experiencing the appearance of man boobs caused by excess fat and/or skin.

Treatment for Fatty Gynecomastia

If your gynecomastia is mainly composed of fat tissue without much real ‘breast tissue’, then the most popular choice of surgery is liposuction. This involves breaking up the fat tissue with vibrations or with ultrasound and then ‘sucking’ the resulting fluid away from the area. This causes a sudden reduction in the size of the chest, though it can leave some sagging skin behind.

Liposuction is generally safe, but it is also fairly invasive and can be painful. It also leads to a sudden change in body mass that can be a shock to the body and it can in some cases require multiple treatments for noticeable change.

If your breasts are composed mainly of fat then a much safer and more effective to lose weight in the long term is simply to use diet and exercise!

Gynecomastia With Fatty and Breast Tissue Elements

For combined cases like this, the main treatment will usually be to use liposuction to break down and remove the fat cells, followed by an incision to remove the breast tissue that is left behind. This incision will be made under the nipple and can result in some scarring. This is a painful condition, especially when combined with extra sensitivity around the nipples. What’s worse, it doesn’t address the hormonal imbalance that caused the problem in the first place.

Excess Skin Along With Breast and Fatty Tissue

If you also have excess skin then you might also need an excision to tighten up the skin. A segment of the skin will be removed while the rest will be stitched closed. This will result in scarring, bruising and significant discomfort.

The Other Option

While there are some situations where surgery makes sense, in the vast majority of situations gynecomastia is better treated with a combination of supplementation (such as Gynectrol) to correct the hormonal imbalance, along with exercise to reduce excess fat and tone muscle. This combination can very effectively and permanently solve the problem, even if it is a little slower!

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