World powerlifting champ helps stroke patients with their recovery

Trish Muldrock is 64 and she has gathered tons of powerlifting titles. Recently, in September, she was on her way to gold at the New Zealand Bench Press Championship in Hastings. In August, she did the same in Whangarei, at a national bench pressing competition. Trish is 1.5 m tall and her weight is just 47kg, and she managed to bench press 85kg, squat 115kg, and deadlift 137.5kg.

However, helping stroke patients regain coordination, strength, and confidence is the most rewarding for Muldrock.

She admits that it’s really rewarding when people reach their goals. Trish likes to see people improve the quality of their life.

Muldrock has won 10 words masters powerlifting championships and is a holder of seven current world records.

In 2006, she won gold at world masters championships at Miami, in 2008 – in Slovakia, in 2014- at the Czech Republic, in 2015 – at Denver, and in 2016 – in Estonia.

Five years ago, Trish started taking on stroke patients as a personal trainer at Community Fitness in Kerikeri. What she noticed is that stroke patients get more energy, mobility, confidence, and independence when they are active.

She says it is pretty challenging because with stroke people lose concentration, focus, and memory.

Trish says that one side of their body doesn’t work at all, as well as the other one. As it was with a 76-year-old Sham Mehta from Auckland who had two strokes within two years.


The left side of his body was paralyzed, his speech was slurred, and he couldn’t walk. He had a rehabilitation plan, but in March, a medical check has found out that his blood pressure was high, which blocked arteries and he needed triple bypass heart surgery.

The man said that his recovery was pretty tough but he’s very thankful to his wife, Trish Muldrock, his acupuncturist, physiotherapist, and massage therapist for everything. He gives Muldrock the credit because he’s making very good progress.

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