What are the Most Popular Steroids Among Today’s Bodybuilders?

The Most Popular Steroids is a common question asked to me in person, the phone, email, the forums! I just can’t get away from it, it’s a silly question too because it’s like asking “what’s the best steroids?” Everyone has their own personal favourite and it’s up to you to decide which works best for you. Having said this, I’ll give a brief list below of some of the most popular steroids currently available.


Dianabol is one of the Most Popular Steroids out there. And it’s no surprise it’s easy to take, it gives DRAMATIC results, its side effects really aren’t bad at all. I’ve never seen anyone who has used this (I said used, not abused) suffer any real negative side effects. It can be stacked perfectly with any other BULKING steroid, such as testosterone, or doing a testosterone, Deca, Dianabol stack. This is one of my personal Favourites!


Testosterone is the base of all anabolic steroids out there. It doesn’t matter what type you get, they can be used for cutting, bulking, maintaining weight, and strength. There are so many different things this anabolic steroid can do it’s no surprise it’s one of the Most Popular Steroids on the market today! It can be stacked with great steroids such as Anavar, Clen t3, Masteron, to create perfect cutting cycles, and on the same hand, it can be stacked with Tren, Dianabol, Anadrol, Deca to create a great BULKING cycle! Overall it’s a must for anyone.


Anavar is another great anabolic steroid and again, it’s certainly not a surprise that it’s on the Most Popular Steroids list. Anavar can be used for lean bulk or for cutting. It can be stacked with testosterone and any other steroid on the market. It’s one of the most versatile oral steroids on the market today. It has fat-burning properties; it raises collagen and has healing properties, especially for joints and tendons.

Finally to give this steroid even more credit it can be used to greatly increase endurance in men and women. Yes, women can use this steroid as it’s probably the safest steroid out there! Doesn’t get much better than this does it?


This one is another injectable and is one of the best anabolic steroids for building pure muscle mass, it really shot to fame in the ’80s with guys like Hulk Hogan loving it. Its ability to give a “painkilling” effect to any pain you may be having is also greatly loved by the bodybuilder. While it doesn’t generate much strength it DOES dramatically add muscle mass, the only downside is you can bloat on it, unfortunately. But if estrogen is kept under control you have nothing to fear really and building slabs of muscle will come naturally with the right nutrition and training.


Human Growth Hormone or HGH, while not technically a “steroid,” is still a performance-enhancing drug or “hormone” Human growth hormone has plenty of beneficial elements such as its ability to heal injuries and help the bones/joints repair. It is a great fighter against arthritis, and when used correctly it’s common to see a fat loss of up to 35-50lbs happen throughout the year. A big reason bodybuilders love it is simply because you can eat MUCH more calories while staying lean while on human growth hormone, this of course leads to more muscle mass being built, it also offers great recovery time and seems to increase the ability of other steroids in your body. Nothing is more powerful than a body full of testosterone, growth hormones, and insulin for building muscle mass. For this reason, human growth hormone makes its way onto my list of the Most Popular Steroids.

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