There are a lot of in-demand steroids for sale in the US and Europe today. Anavar is probably at the top of the list – and for good reason. First, it is popular for its incredible muscle-building benefits. Also, it is the steroids of choice for many because of its less severe side effects, in most cases. Anavar contributes to weight gain, for bodybuilding by improving physique and performance. This is because of its effective anabolic components.


Like other steroids for sale in the market, it is important to note that Anavar is only the brand name. The steroid itself is Oxandrolone, an AAS (androgenic and anabolic steroid) medication. Its scientific name is dihydrotestosterone.

The first Oxandrolone came out in 1962. It was first introduced for medical purposes in 1964, making it one of the earliest types of steroids for sale released in the market. It was FDA-approved in the US to serve various medical purposes. Some of these were treating bone pain due to osteoporosis and promoting weight gain after surgery or physical trauma.

It is also used to regain weight after long term use of corticosteroid medication such as hydrocortisone/prednisone. Anavar as a commercial product was first produced by G.D. Searle and Co, making them the foremost producers of Oxandrolone worldwide, specifically in the US.

Over time, Oxandrolone served many non-medical purposes. Some of these are bodybuilding and weightlifting purposes because of its muscle-building effects. This is the same as the male hormones naturally produced by the body. Since its first appearance on the athletic scene in the early 1960s, Anavar has been the performance-enhancing drug of choice for athletes.

Though its use together with other AAS in the market has been one of the most controversial, hot button topics today. This is due to some high-profile cases of possible abuse by athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones and Ben Johnson. These cases became topics for research recommendations about the long-term side effects of AAS.


Anavar is a synthetic derivative of the male sex hormone testosterone, which yields both androgenic and anabolic effects in the body. Anabolic effects refer to muscle binding characteristics while androgenic effects refer to masculinisation, or development of masculine characteristics.

It is considered a milder steroid because of its lower androgenic rating. This is the reason this drug isn’t as strong as other anabolic steroids for sale. Normally, male athletes trying to bulk up and gain muscle mass will favor steroids with a higher amount of synthetic testosterone. The higher the androgenic ratio, the higher the amount of synthetic testosterone produced.

However, women users start to develop male characteristics, which include growth of body hair, change in facial structure and deeper voice, but because of the drugs low androgenic rating, this is a brand of steroids for sale favored by most women.


Anavar has altered dihydrotestosterone, which carries powerful androgenic components. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a contributory hormone to puberty. DHT is an androgen that aids in the development of male characteristics. This is the converted form testosterone. Both men and women have around 10% of testosterone in their bodies, but with the use of steroids, it is converted into DHT, which is more powerful than testosterone.

DHT contributes to the start of puberty in young males. This leads to physical changes such as development of genitals and growth of body hair. For women, there isn’t much of an important role in drastic physical changes. Some studies show that it is also known to lead to pubic hair growth.


Anavar is also favored by most professional athletes over other steroids for sale in the market. Most of them aim to decrease fat mass and gain muscle gain without water retention. This benefit is attributed to the Anavar’s ability in cutting down thyroid-binding globulin while at the same time increasing thyroid-binding prealbumin.

This increases the hormones that promote metabolism, which allows one to lose more fat and allows more gain of muscle mass. This drug enables the body to burn off fat more efficiently. This happens because the metabolic rate increases, burning body fat a lot faster.

This steroid can also improve workout performance, strength and endurance to make the most out of workout routines. Those who use this drug have proven to last longer in their workouts. Aside from strength, it allows faster recovery between workouts and injuries. It also reduces the recovery time between workouts. This allows athletes to work out more often and for a longer period of time.

The drug has also been proven to reduce muscle fatigue, making working out easier and more efficient. It is often used during the cutting phase by most bodybuilders as Anavar increases strength and endurance levels and maintains muscle mass.


For professional athletes, this steroid is one of the most popular worldwide. Aside from its performance-enhancing benefits, sports doctors also use it as a therapeutic steroid. At times athletes look down on the benefits of this substance. Most of these athletes try to bulk up, which requires a higher androgenic ratio.

This is one of the primary reasons many athletes choose this product. Its benefits to general athletic performance are seen as extremely helpful. Like its workout benefits, this drug is also beneficial to people looking at increasing endurance and speed.

This is because of the lack of bulk mass-produced by this drug, making a person move faster and last longer. This steroid has also been proven to improve muscle hardness and cardio endurance. This makes this steroid more favored for endurance and speed-based sporting events like track and field.


The side effects attributed to this drug are not as severe as in other anabolic steroids for sale. But one should still look out for these side effects that may happen after taking this steroid:

  • Liver and Spleen Complications – Like other steroids for sale, this drug can increase the toxicity level in the liver. It is discouraged to take oxandrolone if one has a history of previous liver problems. Also, lessen or stop intake of other toxins in the body like alcohol.
  • Heart Problems – Since this drug promotes an increase development of cholesterol, it can cause cardiovascular problems. It is strongly discouraged to take any steroid if one has a pre-existing heart condition.
  • Hypercalcemia – This drug can also produce high levels of calcium in the blood. This is manifested by vomiting, constipation, stomach or increased urination. Too much calcium in your blood can create kidney stones and interfere with brain and heart functions. An increase in intake of water, frequent exercise and strength training and ceasing vices like smoking can help prevent this side effect.
  • Acne and Headaches – These are some of the minor side effects. Headaches are attributed to the earlier side effects. Steroid acne usually clears overtime, but in some cases, if it persists, topical anti-acne medication can help clear it.

It is important to note that most of the side effects mentioned are typically connected with pre-existing conditions and physical limitations before usage of the drug. It may be advisable to make sure you are cleared from histories of heart problems, liver issues and kidney failure before taking this steroid. Aside from this, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can counteract and prevent these side effects.


Because of its lower anabolic ratio, people think of this steroid as weak and ineffective in building muscle or gaining weight. However, if it is correctly stacked with other steroids for sale, it helps gain muscle mass on top of improving workout endurance and strength. This can contribute to the bodybuilding targets of anyone who uses it. One may also consider that the anabolic benefits actually outweigh the side effects.

Another misconception is its effect on sexual drive. Contrary to misinformation, studies have proven that in the first few weeks of use, this steroid can increase libido and boost sexual drive. It can also make one feel more sexually confident. In some cases, though, steroids may cause erection problems, which are primarily attributed to other physical issues before using AAS.


With its long-standing history and credibility as one of the most popular steroids for sale, Anavar remains the top of mind AAS in the world today. This product is popular, particularly in the open market of the US and Europe. It also has benefits for both men and women. The most accessible way to buy these steroids for sale is online. One may need to get a prescription from a doctor to avail of it through supplement suppliers.

As seen in the earlier items, the benefits actually outweigh the side effects, if properly used and effectively managed. It cannot be denied that with its mild side effects and effective properties for muscle mass gain if stacked with the right substances, this is a viable option for anyone looking to build lean to hard muscle mass. It is also one of the best steroids out there if you are aiming to increase athletic performance like strength, speed and endurance.

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