Telmisartan Effects, How to Use – Lowering blood pressure while getting shredded

Telmisartan (Micardis) is an oral prescription drug (source) most often used to treat hypertension, including moderate hypertension where blood pressure is just somewhat elevated or borderline. If selecting to self-medicate for moderate hypertension or borderline high blood pressure, telmisartan is a great or even greatest alternative.

As raised blood pressure is usually an undesired side effect of anabolic steroid cycles and may also restrict use of androgens, this use of telmisartan is already enough to create the drug of worth to many.

Nevertheless, telmisartan additionally has an entirely distinct type of use, due to having rather numerous other fascinating properties that could be precious in certain cases.

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I don’t know of a term to describe this second kind of use. The closest is a class I call metabolic healing, though that’s not a scientific term, in which Ive been working to develop new administrations of natural product compounds. This has been an on-going process I haven’t yet finished, but to me its exceptionally promising. What I mean by this group is, use of materials or mixtures of materials to alter gene expression in a way working to correct damages in gene expression related to age, growth of insulin resistance, as well as /or long-term inferior diet. The target is to return the expression (mRNA generation) levels of these genes for receptors, cofactors, and cytokines to healthy values. This additionally is usually what telmisartan does, to a big extent, in a drug that’s already accessible and reasonably readily got.

Advantages may include development to fat loss, endurance, insulin sensitivity, decrease of risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, and of heart attack, and potential advantage to brain health. In some instances mood or energy could be made better too.

When to use telmisartan

If blood pressure should be moderated, Id definitely consider using telmisartan. If there’s really no such demand, variables which could propose its use comprise interest in reducing visceral fat, of enhancing reduced insulin sensitivity, of reducing risk of atherosclerosis, or depending on private interest, of potentially enhancing brain health and function.

Motives not to use telmisartan could include unwillingness to tolerate the danger of potential side effects, or unwillingness to transfer the equilibrium of fat loss towards visceral fat loss versus subcutaneous fat loss. Generally, if dieting and training reach just the same body fat percentage regardless of the positive effects of telmisartan, look may be smoother because of the same quantity of body fat being present but with less of it kept as unhealthful visceral fat. On the flip side, if taking advantage of improved reduction of visceral fat with telmisartan to reach a lower body fat percentage, then theirs no smoothness punishment. But when planning for competition state there’s a particular amount of fat the body must keep: theoretically, reducing visceral fat in this situation might induce retention of a larger number of subcutaneous fat. So I wouldnt suggest telmisartan use in the past couple of weeks before a bodybuilding competition.

The best way to use telmisartan

To cut back risk of atherosclerosis (source), cardiovascular disease, or stroke where danger is just average in the very first place, I propose a dose from 20 to 40 milligrams taken orally once daily. Dosing would be the same where the interest is slowing decline of brain function with age, or possibly enhancing brain function.

For potential advancement in fat loss, especially of visceral fat, or development of endurance I propose dosing of 80-160 mg/day. Beginning dose, nevertheless, ordinarily should be just 40 mg/day until tolerance is evaluated.

While its not needed and telmisartan users in general don’t do thus, when using this drug I propose supplementing with oleuropein 200-400 mg/day and Vitamin D 5000 IU/day. These are to reduce or possibly remove two tasks of telmisartan I would not consider desirable for physique or functionality improvement, though they add to its medical use.

Telmisartan must not be utilized together with a diuretic, and I’d avoid letting serious dehydration while using this drug.

Blood pressure ought to be tracked while using telmisartan. Generally, any decline of blood pressure is merely to healthy degrees or more-almost healthy amounts, and people who don’t have high blood pressure find no decline with telmisartan. However, there can be exceptions, so this ought to be viewed.

Lastly, I’d cycle telmisartan use as opposed to use it constantly. Theres no evidence of what cycling strategy may be optimal, but for example Id propose being off about as many weeks annually as on as the very least. This isn’t because of proven issue, but only since I anticipate the advantages may be completely or almost completely understood with this particular quantity of use, and where some of the changes to gene expression or receptor blocking may be undesirable in the individual instance instead of valuable, this may subsequently be no more than half the time.

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Pharmacological effects of telmisartan

Briefly, telmisartan is in the pharmacological category of angiotensin receptor blocker, but has many effects on gene expression which usually are advantageous to metabolism, endurance, and body makeup. Results may contain raising PPARdelta, GLUT4, UCP1, SIRT1, AMPK, HDL, phospho-AMPK-?, hormone lipase, adiponectin, leptin, CRP, IL-1?, and fatty acid oxidation in muscle; falling aldosterone, TNF?, LDL, serum triglycerides, inflammation in adipose tissue, and fasting blood glucose; and inhibiting adipogenesis.
All these can be helpful tasks for fat loss or for improved well-being; PPARdelta activation also can lead to increased muscle endurance via raising oxidative ability of Type II fibers.

Telmisartan additionally is a partial agonist of PPAR gamma, which while useful for people that have diabetes, I wouldn’t select for a physique-enhancing drug because activating PPAR gamma works towards improving fat storage. Telmisartan has so many tasks working against fat storage that overall its improbable to gain bodyfat from the PPARgamma mechanism, but still I’d rather minimize this activation. Oleuropein supplementation can work towards blocking this activation, so its a recommended nutritional supplement to utilize in combination with telmisartan.

The other undesired action is partial blocking of the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin-D receptor. I’d address this with supplementation of Vitamin D.

Muscle fiber type changing?

Telmisartan has a biochemical effect on muscle cells that’s much the same to the impact of exercise. A result of this is increased oxidative capacity of Type II muscle fibers, which might be called changing from Type IIb to Type IIa. Its potential that such changing could be an important issue for powerlifters, Olympic lifters, shotputters, or other exceptionally volatile sportsmen. On the other hand, average resistance training additionally causes exactly the same effect, and such a effect is probably reversible in any case.

Changing between Type II and Type I fibers, which may be of more matter, doesn’t really happen with telmisartan so far as is understood. (Such switching in people seems possible solely by altering the nerve to which the muscle fiber is linked.
Generally speaking, its not mandatory to be concerned that telmisartan use will bring about a bodybuilder-kind physique becoming an endurance athlete-kind physique. But increased skill to do high repetition work is common.

Telmisartan and left ventricle hypertrophy

Theres no individual signs as yet as to whether telmisartan use may turn or partly turn anabolic steroid caused left ventricle hypertrophy (LVH), but in animal models telmisartan can act to reverse LVH. Time will tell whether reversal or partial reversal of anabolic steroid-caused LVH might be still another advantage of telmisartan use.

Potential side effects of telmisartan

While telmisartan is usually well-taken, possible side effects include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, tiredness, and similar problems though all these are comparatively unusual. Serious side effects of rhabdomyolysis and angioedema are understood but quite scarce. Allergic response is potential. Discontinue telmisartan use if experiencing serious side effects.

A fuller listing of possible side effects may be discovered here. It needs to be held in your mind that almost every side effect mentioned is additionally reported by the placebo group, and usually with similar frequency.


Telmisartan can be helpful for moderating blood pressure of people that have raised blood pressure, both when using anabolic steroids and when not doing so, and may also enhance endurance, support fat loss, and possibly may enhance long-term well-being.

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  1. Why do bodybuilders take telmisartan?

    Bodybuilders take telmisartan to lower blood pressure, improve circulation and enhance athletic performance. Telmisartan works as an angiotensin II receptor blocker by relaxing blood vessels and decreasing pressure; this increases oxygen delivery to muscles during exercise. Furthermore, studies have indicated telmisartan can improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism which could benefit bodybuilders by increasing nutrient uptake and energy utilization.

  2. How quickly does telmisartan lower blood pressure?

    Telmisartan typically begins to reduce blood pressure within hours of taking the initial dose, though it may take several weeks until full effect is felt. The exact timeframe may depend on factors such as dosage, severity of hypertension and overall health.

  3. Can telmisartan cause erectile dysfunction?

    Telmisartan has not been linked to erectile dysfunction, and some studies even suggest it may have a protective effect on sexual function. As with any medication, individual experiences may vary and it’s best to discuss any concerns with your healthcare provider.

  4. Does telmisartan burn fat?

    Telmisartan is not usually prescribed for fat burning, but rather to treat high blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, some studies suggest telmisartan may have an beneficial effect on fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity which could potentially lead to decreased body fat storage. Further investigation is necessary in this area in order to fully comprehend its effects on body composition.

  5. What is telmisartan good for?

    Telmisartan is a medication prescribed to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). It belongs to the angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), which work by relaxing blood vessels and relieving pressure on the heart by improving circulation. Not only does telmisartan reduce hypertension risk factors for those with diabetes but may also help protect them against heart attacks, strokes and kidney problems as well.

  6. How long should telmisartan be taken?

    The duration of treatment with telmisartan depends on the individual’s medical condition and response to medication. It is essential to follow instructions from your prescribing doctor or pharmacist regarding dosage and frequency. In general, telmisartan is prescribed as a long-term solution for conditions like high blood pressure or heart failure.

  7. Why is telmisartan taken at night?

    Telmisartan is typically taken at night due to its extended half-life and peak blood concentration that occurs 1-2 hours after ingestion. Doing this allows for consistent levels throughout the day and helps manage hypertension, as blood pressure tends to be highest in the morning. Furthermore, taking telmisartan at night may reduce certain side effects like dizziness or lightheadedness that could occur if taken too quickly.

  8. Can telmisartan be taken daily?

    Yes, telmisartan can be taken daily as prescribed by a healthcare professional. It’s commonly used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure; typically taken once daily. However, it’s essential that you adhere to the dosage instructions provided by your healthcare professional and never exceed the prescribed amount without medical guidance.

  9. How safe is telmisartan?

    Telmisartan is generally safe when taken as prescribed by a healthcare provider, though it may cause side effects like dizziness, headache, stomach pain or nausea. Furthermore, there may be interactions with other medications or medical conditions; thus it’s essential to discuss any potential risks with your healthcare provider prior to taking telmisartan.

  10. Can I suddenly stop telmisartan?

    It is generally advised not to abruptly discontinue taking telmisartan without consulting your doctor first. Sudden discontinuation could cause an abrupt spike in blood pressure, potentially leading to serious health complications. Your healthcare provider can advise you on how best to gradually decrease your dosage before discontinuing completely in order to minimize any negative reactions.

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