10 Lies About Fat Loss

Here I plan to discuss 10 of the biggest lies in the bodybuilding industry. Scrap that. The fitness industry. All we see is advertisements for “how to lose weight” “get rid of that spare tire!” you know the drill. Unfortunately, the ways we are usually told and led to believe are complete and utter CRAP! In fact, the whole point of this article is to help you realize what complete and utter boo hookey you are being told by these magazines and by the fitness advertisements. People get angry over anabolic steroids but at least they WORK. And hell, half are safer than these “legal” products.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy this article.

1 You can believe what you read in the magazines.

Unfortunately, no you can NOT. And without going on for hours, here is the condensed reason why. MONEY! Take most of the major fitness magazines for example. Each of these magazines has articles, editorials and advertisements for the latest and greatest in fat burning products. Ever notice they’re all from the one company. Why? Because that magazine owns that company and all they are doing is using the magazine to promote their own product. Magazines have just become the forum by which supplement companies generate their huge revenues.

This means taking your hard earned money and giving you no results. What’s worse is half of these products are downright bad for you and might even SLOW down the way you do burn fat. In fact, a ot of people stay away from anabolic steroids due to the fear of anabolic steroids, when most steroids are safer than these products. Another note is, remember a top bodybuilding website just got fined 11 million dollars for having STEROIDS inside its products. Always be careful on what you purchase and educate yourself first and foremost!

2 The only natural weight loss method is starvation.

Starvation will actually cause you to gain weight at first. That is before death, of course. Yes, it is true that you have to burn more calories than you eat. But this doesn’t ,under any circumstances, mean starving yourself is a good idea. If you drop your calorie intake dramatically your metabolic rate will actually slow down and not just a bit, oh no, dramatically! And therefore, you burn much less fat.

Your body, as a response, increases your appetite to try to get you to eat more calories. Because you deplete your fat stores so quickly your body feeds off your muscles. So you dramatically lose muscle giving you a flat, horrible, bony look, But wait, it doesn’t stop there! You lose bone density making you look smaller, your skin loses the nutrients it needs so you loose your looks, and finally, the array of health side effects. Then, when you eventually do start eating again, your body, in anticipation of being starved of nutrients again, will store everything it possibly can, and therefore, result in rapid weight gain again. But this time, without any muscle tissue- so you have just increased your body fat percentage!

Now doesn’t it make sense to lose 2 to 4lbs per week, holding onto as much muscle as humanly possible and looking great and feeling great?

3 The diet pill is the secret.

People fail to realize the dangers of diet or appetite suppressing pills. Effectively they stop you from eating by making you feel full. The problem with this, is that there are no nutrients entering your body. Your body’s response is to slow the metabolic rate to decrease fat burning. Prolonged use can have the same effect as starvation. And then, like starvation, as soon as you begin eating again your weight rises rapidly because your body begins to store fat again in anticipation of the next starvation period. The only pills worth using is clen. Why? Because it speeds up your body fat and the way you burn calories.

4 All I need is a shake for breakfast lunch and tea!

Meal replacement shakes are nothing more than supplements for an inadequate diet. The problem with them is that the body was never designed to live off liquid lunches. If they have been formulated correctly,. then they are invariably very low in calories. If your diet is too deficient in calories remember point 2- starvation. Meal replacement shakes also effectively eliminate the thermic value you get from consuming food and therefore slow your metabolism.

5 All fat is bad.

It all depends on the type of fat. There are good and bad fats. The good fats, poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats can actually help reduce the risk of heart disease, cardiovascular problems and blood pressure problems. On the other hand, the BAD fats are the Saturated Fats and Trans-Fatty Acids which can be found in many of the deep fried, processed foods that flood today’s market. Fats are essential for our body to function correctly, you just have to know which ones to choose.

Omega 3 fish oils are a supplement EVERYONE should be on. Keep that in mind. Eating most meat fats if you are on a high fat diet and low carb is not bad either. But omega 3 fish oils are the king of the fats. virgin Olive oil and fats like this are always essential.

6 Fat becomes muscle.

It is physiologically impossible to turn muscle into fat and vice versa. They are two completely separate types of tissue. If the muscles aren’t being trained then the body gets rid of the muscle tissue and therefore there is more room to store fat. The fat tends to be stored on top of your muscle tissue and therefore you lose your definition. However, when you train and build muscle you burn fat and subsequently the fatty deposits over your muscles shrink. Muscle takes up less room than fat so as you build muscle you can find that you tend to trim down. You cannot turn one into the other.

Ironically enough, a few days ago I saw an obese man post on his Facebook. “Yeah, I might be fat now, but in a month’s time, think of how muscular I’ll be when I turn this fat into muscle” I then saw him arguing back and forth with everyone how fat turns into muscle. I wanted to slap him. Take that back, I wanted to punch him in the gut over and over, until it melted away.

7 Constant water consumption makes you bloated.

Water is one of the key players in metabolism, digestion and hunger control. None of these bodily systems function correctly without a sufficient level of water provided constantly to the body. The reason you feel bloated is that your body is not used to receiving the correct amount of water and so, like starvation, it retains the water and gives you that bloated feeling. If you regularly drink water then your body gets used to receiving a constant flow and therefore realises it doesn’t need to retain water, flushing your system and making the bloated feeling disappear.

This one could possibly be the most stupid of them all. Hardly any person drinks enough water, let alone, us athletes and guys who actually TRAIN!

8 I am genetically fat.

It doesn’t matter what your metabolism or genetic disposition is like. The scientific facts are simple. If you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. And if you eat less more often, you keep your metabolism working at a higher rate for longer, therefore putting your body into a fat burning state for longer and giving you more energy.

Take away point? No one is genetically fat. I’ve worked with girls who had PCOS and if you know anything about that you know how hard it is to LOSE WEIGHT with that and guess what? I’m working with one now who has gone down from over 250lbs to 110, and she squats 253lbs. You aren’t fat by your genetics. You are fat due to eating too much crap.

9 I have to do hours of cardio to burn fat.

Once again, this is not the case. It all comes down to intensity. If you are doing very low intensity exercise (walking) then your body isn’t working hard to burn energy (fat) and, therefore, fat loss is very slow. If, on the other hand, you perform high-intensity exercise, you are forcing your body to work hard. Your energy stores are depleted quicker and your body subsequently enters the fat burning zone quicker. You don’t need to train for hours. 20-30 minutes of high intensity training may be all that is required.

10 Performing a thousand crunches will flatten my stomach.

You cannot area target fat loss through exercise. You see, the body has certain places it finds it easier to store fat. For men, it is usually the stomach area, whilst women, it is usually the hips and thighs. But you can do no abdominal work at all and still see a reduction in your waistline. Training all parts of your body will burn fat from all those storage areas, not just one.

Bonus! Some tips to take away!

With the right diet, weight training, cardio, and supplements, losing body fat and getting 6 pack abs, man or woman is far easier than building muscle mass and looking great. It should not be a chore, it should be FUN.

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  1. There are no good or bad fats. Fats do not possess virtue. What people need to pay heed to is excessive, deficient, and unbalanced intakes of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Our modernized, industrialized food supply is currently overly-rich in two omega-6 fatty acids; linoleic acid and arachidonic acid. Linoleic acid, at today’s average intakes promotes obesity and chronic inflammatory diseases. Arachidonic acid, found in meat, becomes similarly problematic for health when consumed in excess of physiological requirements. Google – Vijay P. Singh COVID-19.
    On YouTube search for Omega-6 apocalypse.


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