Can Muscle Turn Into Fat if You Stop Bodybuilding?

“Bodybuilding is bad for you, if you stop training the muscle turns into fat! Muscle turns into fat!”

This has been mentioned so much and even on tv, so many times that it is seen as “common knowledge” to the Average Joe now. I don’t think I could even begin to state how utterly ridiculous this statement is. It’s almost as bad as the “Stop masturbation if you want to bodybuild” myth! Absolutely shocking. There is simply no logical and no biological pathway for the muscle to turn/change/morph or transform in any way into fat. I’m guessing this myth started due to the fact that if you stop working out, you lose strength and muscle mass.

So if you stop lifting weights, doing cardio, but eat high calories, even if it’s healthy food you will lose muscle and gain fat. No mystery there, right? Exercise uses calories, if you stop working out and don’t decrease your food intake, then you are simply going to get fat. Think of it logically: Before you started doing any type of training, you either ate less, weighed more, or something along those lines. If you stop training, you will be back in the same position!

Put those two facts together and you see where this stupid myth came from. Making matters worse is that many bodybuilders and athletes, in general, thrive on the increase in hormones produced during training, so when they stop, mild depression can set in. (and 95% of the time, it does) Many people overeat when depressed, or just as common, eat “feel-good food,” usually full of sugar, chocolate, brownies, cake, etc., you get the idea. Making the transition from muscular stud to obesity quite rapid.

Another myth we hear far too often is the “spot fat reduction myth.” Want to lose fat from your stomach? You need to lose it everywhere! Spot reduction is not possible. There are ways to “encourage it,” but it’s hardly noticeable at all!.

This one is used the most by scamsters to convince uninformed individuals, and those new to training that you should spend thousands of dollars on their useless machines, products, etc. Just turn on the TV and you are sure to hear ridiculous claims like, “targets fat in the troublesome love handle region,” or “Lose 30lbs in 30 days, without moving off your couch! No need to change your diet!” Please! Give us a break…

So, more importantly, how can you get rid of the unwanted fat on your stomach, hips, thighs, or chest? Cardio and nutrition, along with supplementation. Our body decides just exactly how it will distribute the fat over our bodies. All we can do to get rid of love-handles or man-boobs is to reduce our total body fat by doing more cardio, eating healthier, and supplements such as Clen, (GP Clen (clenbuterol)). It is not possible to do spot-removal of fat, despite the billions upon billions of million-dollar industries which tries to sell a gullible public their “love-handle remover”, or what-have-you.

The myth that you can remove fat in focused areas by doing special exercises is downright preposterous! But sadly enough, it’s not new and has been around for a long time. The vibrating belts of the ’50s were promoted for fat removal around the stomach. It’s just not logical or even possible to focus fat removal on a particular area. Surgery is the only way it would be possible for spot-removal of fat deposits.

There are some drugs (like AZT) that cause the body to redistribute fat and focus it in the midsection but as far as I know, nobody has been able to do this as of yet. Clen comes very close, hence why I recommend it so much, as I believe it reawakens fat cells and can lead to fat loss of 6/7lbs per week, even more, if you are obese. 6/7lbs can even be found on leaner individuals, hence the recommendations.

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