Women In the -84kg Weight Class Broke Every American Record

The 2018 USAPL Raw Nationals in Spokane, Washington, hosted over 1.000 athletes over the weekend. Women’s -84kg open category was one of the most exciting to watch. It created lots of hype and left everyone stunned.

Daniella Melo and Amanda Lawrence were the two athletes who pushed each other to new feats. These ladies brought each and every USAPL – 84kg Open American Record during this show, as well as broke some unofficial IPF world records. The performances of these both women were simply legendary. By the way, both of them are still juniors.

Daniella Melo went 3/3 and finished with a 501 lb. lift to kick off their squat. Daniella already holds the current American Record from the 2018 SBD Pro American by 5 kg and another current world record by 14.5 kg.

Lawrence was the next to break the records, when she ended up going 2/3 on the day, opened with 498 lbs., and hit a 525 lb. second. This awarded her with the American record.

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WOW, where do I even begin? What a fun weekend! I ended taking silver in the -84kg Junior and Open. I went 7/9, weighing in at 83.2kg. SQUAT: 238.5kg/526lbs AR/unofficial WR on my second attempt. Missed my third. DEADLIFT: 245kg/540lbs AR/unofficial WR on my third attempt. BENCH: 107.5kg/237lbs on my second attempt. Missed my third. TOTAL: 591kg/1303lbs HUGE PR WILKS: 529.6 The Arnold will be my next meet, which I am so so so excited for. I’m ready to keep pushing myself to new levels. I have yet to put out a perfect meet, so it’s time to get back to work! I have so many thank you’s to give out! Firstly, thank you to everyone who came out to support me and cheered me on! THE CROWD WAS LIT Y’ALL. I’d like to give a special thanks to @colewarren_shp @siouxz52kg @mlgary72 for handling me yesterday. I couldn’t of been in better hands, and I appreciate you all more than anything! Thank you @usapowerlifting for putting on a stellar meet as always. The spotters, loaders, and judges were very efficient, which made the meet run smoothly. Thank you to my family for being my rock, ILY all @kelleymeyerlawrence @brando_lawrence @calvinator_mn. Thank you to @sbd.usa for always supplying me equipment! Lastly, I’d like to give a special thanks to my sponsor @rpstrength for helping me prepare for this meet, and sending me out there. They are the official dietitians for USA Powerlifting : use code “amanda10” for 10% off ebooks or diet templates.

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Both ladies met in an epic bench press battle. Each of them broke the American Squat Record before. In this part, Lawrence ended up going 2/3 and with 237 lb. lift. Melo continued to go with 3/3 and opened with 270 lbs. On the second lift, Melo performed a 287 lb. bench press, and, in the end, she finished with a 300 lbs. lift for an American Record.

Concerning the deadlifts, Melo had a small edge over Lawrence. Melo opened with 496 lbs., hit a 524 lb. second, and missed a 541 lb. third.

Lawrence opened with 485 lbs. and continued with 519 lbs. Finally, she called for 540 lbs. on the bar, which top Melo’s previous American Record. It was easy for Lawrence and she finished with a 1,302 lb. total, which brought her a second place finish in the Junior and Open category.

In turn, Melo set a 1,326 lb. American Record total and back-to-back National Championship in the same categories, Junior and Open.

These two athletes showed great performance!




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