Will Big Ramy Leave Oxygen Gym?

This year Olympia was really upsetting for Big Ramy and his fans. If last year the sportsman took second place and had great chances to be the winner, this time he was 6th. He still was in a good shape, however, the bodybuilder was visibly weaker than many of his opponents.

Some sports experts proposed the upsetting result will make Big Ramy leave Oxygen Gym. However, there was no clear information about that. Big Ramy appeared really depressed after 2018 Olympia and posted an “apology” message to his fans and Instagram followers.

The sportsman didn’t comment on the situation after that. However, the owner of the Oxygen Gym Bader Boodai confirmed that Big Ramy decided to leave Oxygen Gym. The owner also mentioned that both sides managed to keep the positive attitude and friendly relationship with each other.

According to Bader Boodai comments, he expects that Big Ramy will come back to Egypt and will continue his training there. There is no official information that would give any understanding if the sportsman is planning to come back at Olympia stage in 2019.

Big Ramy’s most loyal fans believe that the sportsman will participate in 2019 Olympia. In one of his latest Instagram posts, the bodybuilder promised his fans to work hard and to show better results in the nearest future. However, it’s difficult to be sure these words mean we will see Big Ramy at the Olympia stage again.

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