Wesley Vissers Announced a Year of Break From Competing


Arnold Classic has started. It means more incredible performances, new victories, new champions and, surely, new loses and disappointments.

Wesley Vissers who was previously called one of the possible Arnold Classic winners finished the competition being 10th. Not a bad result for a young sportsman you may say, however, it’s completely disappointing for Wesley who managed to improve his physique greatly.

The sportsman has changed a lot in his training program and dieting plan in order to build more massive muscles and to make his body look more lean and shredded. Wesley who has already won several professional bodybuilding competitions hoped to impress the judges and the auditory with his great improvement and upgraded shape.

The ambitions of the bodybuilder were also warmed up with the latest reactions of his fans and sports experts to his recent photos. Wesley demonstrated an outstanding result of a year of his hard work.

Unfortunately, even if you work very hard, it can’t guarantee you one of the top places in the competition. This year Wesley met a lot of strong competitors and it was very difficult to get the desired place.

Right after the results of the contest were revealed, Wesley took a decision to make a break in his career. While the sportsman was quite confident, telling he needs a timeout to relax and to think about a better plan for winning the Arnold Classic in the future, many sports experts agreed it could be an emotional decision that can be changed in the nearest weeks or months.

Some sportsmen also told that Wesley could take the decision being exhausted after long and hard preparation and depressed after taking tenth place. It’s very possible that Wesley will change his decision soon and we will see him on the Arnold Classic stage next year.



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