Functions of Netgear genie, desktop app.

Netgear genie is a desktop program that can be used on both PC and Mac. It is designed to manage home Netgear genie routers, provided with a simple dashboard to monitor, control and restoration home networks. It ensures that the router is running the up-to-date firmware, not all genie features are supported on older firmware. Home users’ systems are getting more and more difficult and doing more jobs than before. Such as streaming media, controlling online gaming, BitTorrenting, and many more. The hassle of such tasks needs retailers to deliver robust networking products to market and make them simple for home users to set up and cope. Progressively, dealers like Cisco, Belkin, D-Link, and now Netgear, through the desktop app Genie, are designing apps to make devices simple to set up and manage in a home network.

These are the functions that are performed by Netgear genie directly from your desktop:

─             Executing a network speed test.

─             Manage a guest network for associates or family.

─             Simply modifying the SSID (name) or password of your wireless network.

─             Managing Live Parental Controls.

─             To analyze graphical map of all your network linked devices.

Speed Test of  Netgear genie.

Here on my desktop i could see right on the Internet panel that the position of my internet link was “Good.” Clicking on the panel provides you some means to get real-time vision into your network traffic. You can run a speed test however any Netgear’s website or click a web link to go to to know your bandwidth. There’s also a actual traffic observer which displays download and upload traffic in Mbps.

You can also use a slider to set the high traffic threshold for watching this data; by default it’s fixed at 2Mbps. At the end of the Genie space are promotional advertisments for other Netgear genie products. These advertisement variates rapidly and appear to add some interval to interface. There is also a search tab that lets you explore Netgear’s support site and information base. I executed a search for “QoS” and was passing to Netgear’s site with related links to peruse on QoS. However, the speed test delivers two ways for testing speed.

─             The first method calculates how fast your PC can copy website content.

─             The second one calculates your ISP broadband speed.

Guest Network of Netgear genie.

When visit the panel and click, “Router Settings,” there are many options for managing guest access, a Traffic Meter option which you can turn on. This meter shows your network’s traffic statistics such as total upload and download traffic for a specific addition of time. You can also select to show the statistics as an average rather than a total. It took a couple of seconds for the data to display.

An additional option lets you download firmware. I clicked the option and new firmware for the device. I was testing the Netgear geniegenie application, on the R6300 router, was spotted. Then I clicked again to approve the upgrade and now i was taken to the desktop Genie application. Here it was mandatory to login to the web-based Graphical User Interface.

In the Graphical User Interface, I saw a note that new firmware was open and clicked “Yes” to upgrade. The upgrade procedure was fine. It’s a sort of a pain that you have to go into two distinct interfaces to upgrade the firmware. However, there is good workflow among the desktop Netgear geniegenie app and the web GUI.

To set up a guest network:

─             Open any web browser from a computer or mobile device that is linked to your                   router’s network.

─             Type A login window shows up.

─             Type the router user name and password. Set the user name as admin. The                      preset password is password. However, the user name  and password are                        somewhat case-sensitive.The Home page shows up.

─             You need to Select Guest Network.

─             Then Scroll down to the 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz subdivision of the screen to manage                  guest WiFi network for any band. Here are the preset guest wireless network                    names (SSIDs):

NETGEAR-Guest is for the 2.4 GHz WiFi band.

NETGEAR-5G-Guest is for the 5 GHz WiFi band.

─             Make sure that the Enable SSID Broadcast check box is selected. Permitting the                router to show its WiFi network name (SSID) makes it stress-free. It helps to                    find your network and get connect to it. If you unselect this check box, you                        generate a hidden network.

─             Name guest network. Same as above guest network name is case-sensitive and                can be mentioned upto 32 characters. Now you have to manually configure the                  WiFi-enabled devices in your network to allow using the guest network name                    with the main SSID.

─             Select a security alternative. The WPA2 preferences use the latest standard for                  the heavy-duty security. WPA2 is the preset setting.

─             Click to the Apply button. Now your settings are use up.


Network Map of Netgear genie.

The Network Map section displays how many devices are linked to the network. It shows which devices are linked to the router and which are linked to the Internet in a striking graphic. From this panel, you can also allow access control and messages when other devices join the network.

I had a problem after allowing access control. I saw nothing but a revolving icon and a “please wait” text. So i hold on about a couple of minutes and the icon stopped revolving. Even then i was still in the similar screen but the access control box I crisscross to enable the option was unchecked. I trying again and again and the same happen; I was not able to turn on the access control.

To set network map

─             Click on Network Map to get the router’s Internet connections and the devices that are linked to your router.

─             Your good connection is displayed in green. If a red line occur means that the connection is not working.

─             Now if you select the “Notify me of new devices that connect to my network” check box, then whenever a new device joins your network, you will get a notification on this PC via Netgear genie.


Wireless Settings of Netgear genie

My status was “Connected” on the wifi control panel, since I was linked wirelessly. So clicking on this board pulls a bar graph of all wireless networking in your vicinity, and who is using what kind of channel. Linger the mouse over every bar and it will display you which Wi-Fi networks are using what channel. Also shown is the channel your own link is on, so if you have slow enactment you can watch if there are extra networks on your channel and adjust the channel if desirable, to help enhance performance.

There are two extra tabs in this bar: Connect Wi-Fi, where you can join a network, and Manage, to set up the networks you link to. When I clicked on the Manage the interface message headed me automatically to connect to the accessible networks. In the order listed below in a window, but nothing was listed. There is though, an “Add” tab you can use to physically add networks. Still, networks in vicinity should show up in that available network window. You can view the present basic wireless settings for your router, with the wireless name (SSID), the channel selection, and the password if your network uses wireless safety. To do this,

─             You have to click on Router Settings

─             Now select Wireless Settings.

─             For changing the wireless settings click the Modify button

─             Now make the changes,

─             Click Apply now you are done.

If you are wirelessly linked to the router, you will mislay your wireless connection and you must have to re-connect.


Parental Control of Netgear genie

Select the parental controls panel and a wizard assist you setup the Open DNS-powered parental controls measurements. The wizard entails you to make an Open DNS account. Now, you sign into the Open DNS account and fix the straining level you want for example None, Minimal, Low, Moderate, or High.  All levels are described inside the interface. The full setup procedure with establishing an Open DNS account is done within the interface. So I’m not certain why Netgear couldn’t do the similar for the firmware update.

When for the first time you pick Parental Controls from the Home screen so genie checks to make definite that your router supports this modification. To manage Parental Control click Parental Controls you have to


─              click on the Manage button.

─            again click on Next then you are driven to whichever, i.e. use your Open DNS                  account  or to create a free Open DNS account.

Other Tools

When you select Network Support in the bar so then you get the option of Tools by click on it you are driven to the following screen:

─             Ping. Use the ping function to test a route from your computer to a target you                    identify.

─             Trace Route. Use can use trace route to find the path taken by data packets                      from your computer to the host.

─             DNS Lookup. To discover the IP address of a host name, this typically is a                        website.

─             Computer Profile so, to view information about the computer that you are                          presently using, such as its present network connections and operating                              system.


If you want to experience Netgear genie, It is free of charge, and can be downloaded from their website.