The Updated List Of 2019 Olympia Qualifiers 

This year the Olympia contest is getting more attention than ever. While a few seasons ago, some experts reported that bodybuilding was getting boring in the latest years, 2018 Olympia had become a real shock for all sports fans and left everyone intrigued.

Now, many bodybuilders can’t concentrate on anything else but the upcoming event. We all are interested in the final result of the epic battle for Olympia throne between muscle monsters like Shawn Rhoden, Phil Heath, Roelly Winklaar, and many others.

Traditionally the Olympia contest gathers best of the best bodybuilders in the world. That’s why it’s always interesting to know who managed to get the desired chance to be at the Olympia stage. While there’s still enough time to get qualification for the contest, some sportsmen prefer to be in a hurry.



  1. Shawn Rhoden (USA);
  2. Phil Heath (USA)
  3. Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)
  4. William Bonac (Netherlands)
  5. Brandon Curry (USA)
  6. Clarence De Vis (Belgium)
  7. Dexter Jackson (USA)
  8. Steve Kuclo (USA)
  9. Maxx Charles (USA)
  10. Juan Morel (USA)
  11. Josh Lenartowicz (Australia)
  12. Patrick Moore (USA)
  13. Jonathan DeLaRosa (USA)

2019 212 OLYMPIA


  1. James Lewis (UK)
  2. Derek Lunsford (USA)
  3. Kamal Elgargni (Libya)
  4. Ahmad Ashkanani (Kuwait)
  5. Jose Raymond (USA)
  6. Hadi Choopan (Iran)
  7. Shaun Clarida (USA)
  8. Angel Calderon Frias (Spain)
  9. David Henry (USA)
  10. Kokeny Bela (Hungary)
  11. Aaron Polites (Australia)
  12. Noel Adame (USA)
  13. Sami Al Haddad (Bahrain)
  14. Fahad Zaid Hazzizi (Saudi Arabia)
  15. Oleh Kryvyi (Ukraine)
  16. Eduardo Correa Da Silva (Brazil)
  17. Adolphus Quoida (Canada)
  18. Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan)



  1. Whitney Jones (USA)
  2. Jeanine Taddeo (USA)
  3. Ryall Graber (Canada)
  4. Myriam Capes (Canada)
  5. Missy Farrell (Canada)
  6. Bethany Wagner (USA)
  7. Darrian Borello (USA)
  8. Tiffany Chandler (USA)
  9. Jodi Boam (Canada)
  10. Jaclyn Baker (USA)



  1. Cydney Gillon (USA)
  2. Candice Lewis-Carter (USA)
  3. Nadia Wyatt (USA)
  4. Jessica Reyes Padilla (Puerto Rico)
  5. Carly Starling Horrell (USA)
  6. Michelle Lindsay (USA)
  7. Brittany Campbell (USA)
  8. An Da Jeong (Korea)
  9. Natalia Soltero (Mexico)
  10. Ashley Soto (USA)
  11. Laurelle Martineau (USA)
  12. Tarryn Garlington (USA)
  13. Sandra Grajales (Mexico)
  14. Latorya Watts (USA)



  1. Shanique Grant (USA)
  2. Natalia Abraham Coelho (USA)
  3. Daniely Castilho (Brazil)
  4. Jennifer Taylor (USA)
  5. Heather Grace (USA)
  6. Tomefafa Ameko (USA)
  7. Laura Pintado Chinchilla (Spain)
  8. Delane Hart (USA)
  9. Margita Zamolova (Czech Republic)
  10. Laura Hays (USA)
  11. Sarah Villegas (USA)



  1. Brandon Hendrickson (USA)
  2. Raymont Edmonds (USA)
  3. Ryan Terry (UK)
  4. Jeremy Buendia (USA)
  5. Andre Ferguson (USA)



  1. Jason Lowe (USA)
  2. Chen Kang (China)
  3. Fabio Lopes (Portugal)
  4. Breon Ansley (USA)
  5. Chris Bumstead (Canada)
  6. George Peterson (USA)
  7. Henri-Pierre Ano (Canada)
  8. Arash Rahbar (USA)
  9. Stan de Longeaux (USA)
  10. Ahmad Ahmad (Iraq)
  11. Dani Younan (USA)
  12. Panexce Pierre (USA)
  13. Rylon McDuell-Batiste (USA)
  14. Damion Ricketts (USA)
  15. David Hoffmann (Germany)
  16. Woilid Baatout (France)



  1. Angelica Teixeira (USA)
  2. Lauralie Chapados (Canada)
  3. Janet Layug (USA)
  4. Elisa Pecini (Brazil)
  5. Ashley Kaltwasser (USA)

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