Unexpected Confession: Phil Heath Explains Why He Has to Come Back to the Olympia Stage

Phil Heath got used to winning. Yet two years ago he couldn’t win over his frustration and disappointment. A painful loss after 7 years of being a champion made him leave the stage for a while. Now when the sportsman managed to overcome the situation, he’s ready to be back. And he’s just explained why.

Phil Heath is a real monster in training. He went through a lot of life challenges and nailed his success. Yet taking second place in 2018 after seven victories became a really hard test for the ex-champ. Heath was morally broken. In addition, he had health issues. All this led to a year-break in his career.

Fans of the sportsman were guessing whether he was planning his return. Some even thought Phil’s absence meant the end of his professional career. Yet one of the greatest modern bodybuilders announced his return.

A few weeks ago Phil was qualified for the 2020 Olympia. He later assured his fans he had decided to return. This news made each sports fan happy. Yet there were still too many questions. Phil decided to break his silence and to explain how he feels and what he plans.

The former champion feels his mission is not completed. While a year-long break could be harmful to his career, it gave Phil time to think over things that are really important to him. After a long self-analysis, the sportsman is sure: it’s time to come back.

Phil says that self-exploration is never comfortable. Yet it’s very important to stay goal-oriented and honest with yourself. Phil confessed he now feels more motivated. He dropped his dead weight and is preparing for new victories in sports and personal life. Soon we may witness a new stage in the career of Phil Heath.

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