The main UFC fight that was organized as a meeting of two popular sportsmen Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor ended with a great victory of Nurmagomedov. Right after the fight, Conor asked UFC about a rematch. However, most sports critics think that Irish sportsman won’t get the second chance soon.

The UFC could possibly be interested in organizing a rematch as a competition between the two sportsmen went far beyond the octagon. Millions of UFC fans are watching their quarrels and discuss it actively. This situation may play its role in attracting some millions of extra views on the possible fight. However, a rematch is reasonable when the previous fight ended up, having lots of questions. The victory of Nurmagomedov in the case was undoubted, he was leading the fight from its first minutes and finished it with a clear victory. The referees and viewers had no hesitations that Khabib dominated during the main event of 229 UFC night.

In this case, such a fast rematch may be a non-sense. That’s why UFC will probably search for another partner for Nurmagomedov. Who will it be?

Most MMA experts think that Tony Ferguson may be the next one to fight Khabib for his champion belt and title. Ferguson has shown a great improvement in his skills and fighting spirit, winning several fights in a row. All of his latest fights were bright and spectacular. Such an opponent can be especially interesting for Khabib and a real money bringing choice for UFC.


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