Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Son Of Dorian Yates Demonstrated Great Physique! Genetics or Family Traditions?

Showing great results in bodybuilding is always about a hard work. You won’t get anything if you are not training hard and managing your time to have proper and regular meals and sound rest. However, genetics always play an important role in the game.

Your genetics may be a privilege or an obstacle for you. However, for Lewis Yates son of Dorian Yates, it is a winning lottery ticket and a great bonus!

Dorian Yates is more than a famous bodybuilder. He is the person who changed bodybuilding standards forever, taking them to an absolutely new and definitely higher level. His proportions and physique made him a golden standard for today’s sport.

Dorian Yates became Mr. Olympia putting his name in the sport’s history forever. His son is not seeking for a fame in bodybuilding. He enjoys the sport, working as a personal trainer and a bodybuilder independently. His life is completely a fitness routine.

However, recently bodybuilding fans were simply impressed by an amazing physique of Lewis. He demonstrated just the same excellent proportions and great shape as his father used to have. There’re no doubts he could become one of the top sportsmen if he got interested in Olympia or other serious professional competitions. Many sports fans advised Lewis to promote his bodybuilding career to a new level.

It looks like Lewis Yates got even more than excellent genetics, he also inherited love to sports, self-discipline and best training traditions! Who knows, maybe soon he will get interested in professional competitions and will become another Mr. Olympia in the family.




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