Son of Brandon Curry Got His Great Genetics

How important good genetics is for becoming a successful bodybuilder? Most sportsmen would say that it’s far not as necessary as an ability and desire to work hard! However, looking at some individuals is easy to understand that genetics plays a greater role that many people may say.

Brandon Curry is one of those lucky people who has got an amazing combination of genes. No doubt, Brandon works hard to become a successful sportsman. However, his genetics makes it much easier to look excellently massive and shredded.

This year Brandon looks especially great and many sports experts have already predicted him taking the desired place at the upcoming Olympia contest. Moreover, many say he can become a serious threat for the current champion Shawn Rhoden.

Great genetics helps Curry look impressively even during the offseason. This year he proved it when posing at the IFBB Pro Nordic 2019 in Denmark. Brandon was invited there as a guest and was asked to demonstrate some of his posing skills. The great shape of Curry amazed visitors of the show: he simply looked too good for the offseason.

Will such great genetics go to the future generation of the Curry’s family? Definitely, yes! Brandon’s son Marvelous who is 7 y. o. is growing up in a family of sportsmen. And, surely, he is an active and healthy kid with strong interests in sports. Curry’s boy looks much stronger than most kids of his age!

Instagram @brandon__curry

It’s hard to believe but the smallest one from Currys has already got six-pack abs and muscled hands. The kid loves posing and pretending to be a bodybuilder.

It looks like such genetics and support of a sports family can push this little boy to the top of the bodybuilding in the future. Who knows, maybe in a few years Brandon’s son will become as popular as his famous father!

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