Thursday, June 30, 2022

Shawn Rhoden Visited Atlantic States 2019 Guest Posing

Shawn Rhoden is one of the most popular sports characters this year. The sportsman faces a period of great tension from his fans and sports media. People are trying to predict the final result of the upcoming 2019 Olympia, guessing whether Shawn is strong enough to win his champion title for the second time.

A few weeks ago fans of the sportsman were totally disappointed seeing Shawn at the Pittsburgh Posing Show. Rhoden looked surprisingly abdominous. This fact grew into a real sensation, making people discuss Rhoden’s being obese on each sports forum.

Shawn commented on the situation, explaining it’s ok to have overweight during the offseason. Moreover, he tried to calm his fans down, assuring them he will look perfectly lean at the upcoming contest and will do his best to keep the title. To prove this, Shawn shared some of his photos, showing how easily he can transform and upgrade his physique.

The answer was quite reasonable. But some insiders reported that the situation made the bodybuilder upset. Now, when his emotional tension is maximal before 2019 Olympia, he is very vulnerable to critics and negativism and needs more kind support.

The sportsman was later invited to the Atlantic States 2019 Guest Posing show. This time Shawn looked significantly better. He managed to lose some fat and prepared for the posing part properly. However, the current champion was far not in his best condition.

Surely, Rhoden still has a chance and time to prepare well. However, it was unusual to see him strangely obese. Some of his fans believe that Rhoden has health problems or kind of psychological issues. The sportsman himself keeps reassuring everyone he feels great and hopes to win the Olympia again.

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