Saturday, May 8, 2021

Shawn Rhoden Showed Who Motivated Him Every Day

Shawn Rhoden has never attracted as much attention as this year, after winning 2018 Olympia. The sportsman shocked the bodybuilding community dethroning Phil Heath who won the competition seven times in a row.

After months, bodybuilders are still wondering how Shawn managed to make such a progress and demonstrated absolutely insane physique at the competition. Every sportsman knows that changing of the body starts from changes in the mind. What could become a reason for such incredible transformation?

Shawn told that he took the decision to become a champion right after 2017 Olympia. That year the sportsman didn’t look good enough at the stage and got a lot of upsetting comments after his performance.

Rhoden told that the situation became a very important moment for him. He understood that it’s a time for some very serious changes. The sportsman told he also had thought about leaving the sport. However, he decided to take one more chance and to try to impress his disappointed fans.

However, it looks like not only the negative reaction of the auditory during 2017 Olympia was that special motivation that made Rhoden work so hard. Shawn Rhoden confessed that his family was that special source of support and motivation that allowed the sportsman keep fighting for the first place even in a very hard time.

Recently Rhoden posted a picture of himself and his lovely daughter, calling his child that special person that motivates his every day.


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