Shawn Rhoden Showed How He Looked 20 Years Ago


What does push people to watch some old photos and speaking about some great memories? No matter how far you have gone, it’s always nice to turn back and to remember some important days and events that have made you what you are.

The nostalgic mood is not something strange for top-bodybuilders or even Olympia champions as well. It’s enough to open Instagram of some bodybuilding stars to understand how often they miss and remember some old good times and those people who were with them at the past periods of their lives.

You can often find some great old photos in accounts of former Olympia champions and current bodybuilding legends like Ronnie Coleman or Dexter Jackson. Both Ronnie and Dexter still stay popular in the sports world, loved and remembered by millions of fans. However, it’s easy to imagine why they miss some past moments when they won their Olympia crowns and stood in the light of their great fame.

However, even those who stay at the top of their career and enjoy the most incredible time that they have ever had, tend to look back and to smile, remembering touching moments of the past.

Perhaps, it was quite surprising to see some old photos in the Instagram account of Shawn Rhoden. Everyone thinks that Shawn has never felt happier than now, after taking his victory during 2018 Olympia. The sportsman’s great performance brought him the first Olympia victory in his career.

Even now, after fulfillment of his great dream, Shawn remembers the point he started his professional career from and those people who always supported him. The champion posted a picture showing Shawn in 1998 while preparing for one of his first serious professional competitions. Shawn also told that the picture is especially dear to him as it reminds the sportsman about the great support of his parents.

Such a great picture and a touching memory caused a great reaction of Shawn’s fans. They supported the bodybuilder, leaving lots of warm comments and sharing their own stories. The photo needed just a few days to collect more than 60 000 likes.




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