Shawn Rhoden Is Back: Olympia Producer Explains Why He Expects Shawn At The Contest In 2020

Shawn Rhoden’s story is a perfect example of how surprising one’s life can be. The bodybuilding ‘Cinderella’ shocked the sports world by winning the contest in 2018. Yet, Olympia’s managers banned him from taking part in Olympia due to legal reasons a year later. Olympia producer Tamer El Guindy thinks Shwan’s story still may have a happy ending.

Shawn Rhoden’s name is now associated with the great scandal. Shawn used to be an ordinary sportsman for most of his career. Yet, recently he has become the most popular matter of discussion. The bodybuilder managed to jump from fifth place in 2017 to becoming the Olympia king in 2018, probably due to relentless training and using best steroids for bulking and cutting. The new champion was preparing to prove his priority again the next year, yet, it didn’t happen.

Last year Shawn’s female colleague reported that Rhoden was harassing her. The scandal led to the loss of Shawn’s important contracts and his Olympia ban for a lifetime. Yet, when we all said bye-bye to the brilliant sportsman, he may come back.

There is not enough evidence to prove Shawn’s guilt. It’s very possible in a few months the court may decide that the sportsman is innocent. Olympia’s managers say they may review their decision. Perhaps they’ll allow Rhoden to take part in the contest again.

Olympia producer Tamer El Guindy and his brother Terrick believe Shawn will return. They expect him to compete this year. Sports experts believe that by the end of 2020 Shawn may have a chance to get his champion’s title back. It will also be a great opportunity to restore his reputation.

Sports experts believe Shawn Rhoden will be forgiven by Olympia management

Experts also expect that this year’s contest will have even more surprises. They say that Kai Greene or Phil Heath are very likely to be back too. The return of three bodybuilding giants: Phil, Shawn, and Kai may turn this year’s contest into a memorable event.

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