Santa Kai Is Getting Angry: Kai Greene Prepares Unusual Revenge For Calling Him ‘TROLL’

Don’t mess with Kai Greene! If you are not learning this rule, prepare for the most creative revenge you can imagine. Angry Kai found an unusual way to punish Nick Miller for calling him a ‘Troll’.

Kai looks fierce and brutal; however, we all know he’s a good-hearted man with a great sense of humor and a positive attitude to life. Nevertheless, even being a good soul, Greene is never missing an opportunity to make a joke out of someone – especially, if this someone dared to call Kai names.

Recently Nick Miller who is a sports commentator and journalist called Kai a troll for keeping people intrigued whether he comes back to the professional stage. And Nick didn’t have to wait for revenge for a long time. The sportsman posted a photo of himself wearing Santa’s costume and advised Miller to behave better otherwise Santa Kai is not coming to him.

Fans of the sportsman loved Kai’s creativity and told that visiting his profile often made their mood better. Most of them also told that Kai’s return would be the best gift for them. Some also decided that Greene gave them another prove that he plans to be back this year.

Being one of the most charismatic and creative bodybuilders, Kai Greene became the first legendary Olympia sportsman who won so many hearts without winning the bodybuilding throne. After the ‘King without Crown’ left Olympia, millions of people told that the contest became less interesting and spectacular.

Kai stays in great shape, making his fans guessing whether he’s returning to the contest again. While the sportsman doesn’t give any clear answer about his return, sports society hopes to see him competing this year.

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