Sadik Hadzovic Shares His Advice About Building a Great Physique

Sadik Hadzovic has great experience in the professional sport. Unlike many of his colleagues, he managed to participate in both the Classic and the Men’s Physique divisions. Sadik has never become the Olympia winner, however, his position is always confident and high.

Hadzovic says that the key to the great shape and incredible body is knowledge. It’s simply impossible to become successful in bodybuilding if you have no clear and effective training strategy and understanding of what and why you do.

Sadik believes that the building of a great body is partly sport and partly science and you can’t rely on lifting weights and eating proteins only. Many sportsmen, especially those who have just started going to a gym think that there are only two stages that lead to having a great and shredded body: getting muscle mass and cutting your weight, losing some fat lately.

Hadzovic has his own opinion about that. He believes that the way to a great body needs much more than these two steps. Moreover, he says that gaining weight and losing fat are not different stages but two of possible points in a great and complicated game called ‘training strategy’.

The sportsman offers to forget about all the common recommendations heard before and to have another different look on training. He believes that this is the only way that leads to success. Otherwise, you can only reach a certain stage, however, it will be still far from the results of professional bodybuilders.

Sadik is not afraid to reveal his own professional secrets. He is happy to share very useful and professional tips that help in getting excellent results. Unfortunately, giving one of the latest interviews, the sportsman couldn’t explain much. However, his words can be especially useful for those who are looking for new ideas for effective training.




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