Rory MacDonald Can’t Forgive Himself For His Loss Against Mousasi

Bellator 206 that took place in San Jose could become the best day ever for Rory MacDonald. Being a champion in welterweight category, Rory had a chance to become the number one Bellator fighter in middleweight category also. One successful fight separated Rory from holding two champion belts simultaneously. The fighter could enter the history of the promotion being the first champion in two categories at the same time.

The opponent of MacDonald was an ambitious fighter Gegard Mousasi famous by his unique and tricky fighting style. Mousasi has already shown himself being dangerous in several fights, winning over some UFC legends.

It was understandable that the fight would not be easy for MacDonald. However, he reported he was well-prepared and confident.

Soon after the start of the fight, Mousasi took the advantage. He showed the aggressive and very dynamic fight that MacDonald was not ready for. The fight was stopped in the second round by the spectacular knockout and victory of Gegard Mousasi.

Soon after the fight was over, Rory published a message explaining his fans how upset he felt after his loss. MacDonald told he had ‘zero excuses’ and called Mousasi ‘a fantastic champion’. Most Rory’s fans supported him and told they appreciated his courage to fight against bigger and more powerful opponent in the main event of Bellator 206.



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