Ronnie Coleman Showed What a Family With 8 Children Looks Like

Ronnie Coleman is a real sports legend, a living icon, and idol of bodybuilding. However, fans of the muscle giant know that there is a kind loving heart beating in his chest.

Ronnie loves children and often spends time with his family. The sportsman gives a lot of care and attention both to his own kids and to children of his wife from her previous marriage, making no difference between them.

The former Olympia champion likes to spend time with his relatives and especially with his kids. Being a devoted Christian and a true family man, Coleman made no exception for 2018 Christmas, celebrating the holiday in a warm company of the closest people.

Ronnie showed a picture of a great Coleman family with his kids and kids of his current beloved wife Susan. Spouses of grown-up kids and parents of Susan joined the family celebration as well.

Ronnie Coleman kids
Fans of Ronnie told that he was not only a great example of a successful sportsman but also an example of a loving husband and father. Looking at the photo that Coleman shared on his Instagram, it’s easy to see how warm and positive the atmosphere was.

Ronnie Coleman is now married to his second wife Susan. Both partners have children from previous relationships. The couple married in 2016 and gave birth to 4 more kids. Coleman has repeatedly said that he and Susan loved children so much that it was hard to stop planning one more baby. However, after publishing the photo, Ronnie told that having 8 children is enough.

It looks like Ronnie is the one who really enjoys family celebrations and company of his kids. Even after a long and exhausting period of fighting his severe disease, Ronnie looks absolutely happy being surrounded by people he loves.

Ronnie coleman children

Ronnie Coleman Instagram profile


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