Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ric Drasin Told About Eating Habits of Golden Era Legends

Bodybuilding is a great sport with its special culture and incredible history. Sure, most people are more interested in the current events, however, the true sports fans are also happy to learn more about past great times of bodybuilding.

Ric Drasin is a living legend, a representative of the Golden Era of the sport, and a talented storyteller who has already shared hundreds of adorable and very rare stories about the past days of bodybuilding and its stars.

While some facts may be known, it’s always great to hear them from a person who witnessed those events and participated in them. Ric misses his days of fame and speaks about them with a very special warmth and enthusiasm. The sportsman now has a lot of fans who are waiting for his informative videos and are eager to hear another fascinating story.

This time Ric decided to speak about eating habits of the bodybuilding legends of the Golden Era. He told how the competitors’ diet was different at those times comparing to the way modern sportsmen eat. He also spoke about some unique eating traditions that united sportsmen years ago.

Ric Drasin named restaurants that were frequently visited by many bodybuilders, offering tasty and healthy food with high proteins and little calories. Nowadays, when we have full access to healthy nutrition and can order a great meal online or using a phone, it’s hard to imagine that years ago there were a very few places where bodybuilders could eat without a fear to harm their health and physique.

All Ric’s videos open some great and rare topics that help us to understand the way of life of some great bodybuilding legends and the way they used to train and struggle for their victories.  

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