The Light between Oceans
(Credits : TheVerge)

Light between oceans is set to be released on 2nd September 2016 in the United States. It is based on the novel The Blue Valentine tells a very normal story of Dean and Cindy (Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams), the young couple who live, love, marriage and raises their daughter. However, due to some problems, they finally end up separated.

The movie in 2013 is about Glanton (Ryan Gosling), a man who becomes a bank robber to help his lover and his newborn son. He does not know that that decision will soon ruin his life. Both the novels are related with the value of family. The men try their best; even commit a crime to save their families. But the women keep stopping them access the child. They try to forget the happiness they once shared. These people have their problems, and all of them are reasonable. However, there reasons lead to the results, which is so far and so sad that strongly tremble the audience’s feelings.

His latest movie, the Light between Oceans is based on the fiction war novel of M.L. Stedman’s, a famous Australian author. The theme started in 1918. After the World War I, the soldier Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender) returned home from Western Front.

He was offered a new job as a lighthouse keeper on the Janus Rock, an island of Australia. Being isolated, he spent his time facing his deepest fear, the flashback from the war that he only can keep for himself.


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