Off season is not a time to relax as some people may think. Even if you have no upcoming competitions, you can’t afford spending days on your sofa watching TV. The bodybuilders use this time for a short-time recovery, hard training and gaining some mass.

This time it’s not really necessary to show your muscles shredded, some extra calories and some extra body fat is not a big sin if you get it during the off season. However, there’s only one important condition: the first thing what shall grow is your muscles, not your fat.

Most bodybuilders gain some extra weight to lose it later closer to the new season of competitions. However, they will work hard to grow and keep the muscle mass.

Some sportsmen like Regan Grimes and Antoine Vaillant have gained much weight since the beginning of the off season. And you can be sure, these guys are growing their muscles incredibly fast.

While some bodybuilders grow their muscles slowly and gradually, Regan and Antoine have changed much faster than others. Looks like these men are working really hard to reach their aims.



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