Protests In Florida: Protesters Exercise Near To The Courthouse Asking To Reopen Gyms

Protesters surrounded courthouse in Clearwater, Florida. People exercised near to the building, asking to reopen gyms earlier than it’s planed.

Florida gyms have been closed since the middle of March due to the coronavirus epidemic. It’s planned to cancel quarantine restrictions in several stages. Scientists believe that this will allow to control the situation and to avoid rapid virus spread in the nearest future.

Now the state is on the first stage. That means that people are allowed to visit some places like parks, shops, and restaurants. It’s also recommended to avoid standing close near to each other or near to a crowd even when you stay in a reopened place. Unfortunately for many sports enthusiasts, gyms are not on the list – they are planned to be opened a few weeks later during the second stage.

While most of the citizens agreed with the graphic. Some feel really eager to start training. The group of 20-30 people came to the Florida courthouse for a peaceful protest. The protesters were holding banners, asking to reopen public gyms as soon as possible.

Some sportsmen started to exercise right on the streets, doing squats and push-ups. The peaceful project attracted a lot of attention. However, there’s no official answer to protesters. Perhaps, that means that the state government won’t change the plan, and gyms will be opened a bit later as it was announced previously.

According to the official message, the work of gyms will be seriously re-organized. A number of people who can work out in one hall will be limited to 75% of the full gym’s capacity. Gyms’ management will also take better care of the cleaning and disinfection of the rooms and machines than it was before the epidemic.

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