Phil Heath Spoke About His Plans For 2019 Olympia

There are a lot of reasons to wait for 2019 Olympia. However, many sports fans are especially interested in seeing Phil Heath on the stage of the main bodybuilding event this year.

The former Olympia king has already become a part of the sport’s history, winning the contest 7 times in a row. No doubts that Phil Heath will be remembered as one of the best bodybuilders of the modern era. However, last year loss still was a great shock for the sportsman.

Phil suffered from depression. In addition, he had a serious health issue that led to severe pains and the bodybuilder was hospitalized for major surgery. Last year was a real nightmare for Heath.

While many sports experts say that Phil has high chances to return his title back this year, the sportsman himself doesn’t look too confident. Phil has repeatedly changed his decision about his possible return to the Olympia contest.

The former Mr. Olympia never spoke clearly about his plans. Moreover, he ignored direct questions connected to the 2019 Olympia contest. Those facts became reasons to think that Phil was not planning to join the 2019 contest.

Some insiders also told that Phil thought about making a break for a year due to health issues. However, this information has never been verified or denied by Phil.

The former champion was repeatedly invited for an open discussion that would give his fans a chance to ask him the most trending questions. However, the sportsman avoided taking part in any interviews. Now Phil looks ready to reveal some of his plans and ideas.

Phil addressed his fans, speaking about his current situation and his future plans. This video is the first attempt of the sportsman to answer some questions of his fans. The bodybuilder prefers to avoid giving direct answers to some questions, however, he shared a lot of facts that can help in making our own conclusions.

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