Saturday, July 24, 2021

Phil Heath Is Ready To Do Better Than in 2018

There’s no doubt that Phil Heath is a great bodybuilder and probably one of the most hardworking sportsmen in the world. Nothing can prove that better than his seven victories in the greatest bodybuilding competition.

However, last year has become a really upsetting surprise for the former Mr. Olympia. Phil Heath was dethroned by Shawn Rhoden and took the second place. Unfortunately, that has become a strong shock for Phil.

Moreover, Phil Heath told that he had some serious health issues and had to go to a hospital for major surgery. The medical manipulations became a reason for the sportsman’s long break from training. Phil was advised to stop training for 15 weeks.

Both of these factors could destroy the bodybuilder’s hope for returning his champion’s title. However, Phil is not a sportsman who got used to giving up easily. Years of hard work and a strong habit to overcome challenges and obstacles made him come back to training with a great intention to prove his privilege on the Olympia stage.

Now Phil is totally back to training. He looks just as great as usually does and you can hardly notice any sign of the serious disease, looking at the sportsman. Moreover, Phil tells he feels just great. He’s very motivated and energetic.

Phil Heath told he was ready to show a better result than last year and most sports experts agreed with him. “That guy… I’m going to beat that guy!” – told Phil while making one of his latest videos and sharing it with his fans.

The upcoming competition is going to be very hot and intriguing as no one of the main contenders to the title is going to give up.  

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