This year is very special for the career of Phil Heath. The former Mr. Olympia has now a very unstable position. Will Phil return his champion title? Will he stay one of the greatest Olympia contestants this year? Will he lose a chance to become the bodybuilding king again? And, finally, will he take part in the contest this year at all?

As we see, there are too many questions and, unfortunately, too little clear answers for any of them. Until now, Phil Heath hasn’t give any informative comments about the upcoming event. Moreover, his mood is quite changeable and it makes his fans guessing what the plans of the former champion are.

Some insiders told that Phil was going to take a break and skip this year contest. That could probably help him to restore after major surgery and great emotional stress. However, the sportsman himself didn’t comment on the information, so until now, it’s nothing but another hypothesis.

Moreover, some recent photos of the sportsman proved that he was not wasting time during the offseason. The bodybuilder looks visibly bigger and stronger than ever before. It’s obvious, that Phil has already restored after his medical operation and some health issues and can train as hard as before.

While the contest is still weeks ahead, we can expect to see Phil Heath even in a greater shape this year. Such a positive transformation can be another evidence that the sportsman is preparing to return his champion status as soon as possible and is planning to return to the stage in 2019.    


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