Bodybuilding is quite a young sport. Perhaps, that’s the reason why it still causes so much interest and rumors. And it’s definitely the reason for numerous changes in the organizational processes and standards of bodybuilding.

Analyzing the situation of the latest decades, it can be fair to say that bodybuilding faced more changes and upgrades than any other popular sport. One of such innovations in the sport is appearing of Classic Physique division.

The division was officially created and recognized years ago. Moreover, most professional competitions of the global meaning included the competing category into their official program in 2012.

However, this never helps to calm some negatively thinking critics down. There are many people who still think that the division has no right to exist or should not stay in one line with men’s bodybuilding.

Starting from people who have never visited a gym and ending up with professionals – you can find some opponents of the division everywhere.

This time Phil Heath who is one of the most popular and definitely one of the best bodybuilders in the world decided to share his opinion about the situation. The sportsman joined the army of critics, explaining his partly negative idea about including the division into the program of the Olympia competition.

At the same time, Phil is not 100% against the division, thinking that it has the right to exist. During the speech, the eight-time former Olympia champion sounded quite reasonable and explained each of his statements in details.

Perhaps, such an honest speech of the bodybuilding star will be an impulse for a new wave of discussions and will attract more popular sportsmen to speak about the division and its place in the global competitions.



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