Phil Heath Argues With Brandon Curry Over 2020 Mr. Olympia: ‘There Is Nothing Wrong With Being a One Time Champ’

The Olympia throne is the most desired trophy for any bodybuilder in the world. Winning the contest is worth years of hard work and tons of sweat. That’s why ex-champions may be so aggressive seeing the victory of others. Phil Heath started a verbal fight with Brandon Curry. The former champion thinks it’s time to get his title back.

Phil Heath has built a great bodybuilding career. Regardless of his future, he’s already a living legend of the sport. Winning the Olympia contest 7 times is more than 99% of bodybuilders dare to dream about. Yet Phil plans to get more.

The sportsman said that Brandon Curry (current Olympia champion) is taking the place that belongs to Phil. ‘He has no shitting business being on my stage‘, – Phil Heath wrote, commenting Brandon’s victory.

Brandon Curry accepted the message positively. He said it would be an honor to compete against Phil. Despite Phil’s attempts to start the conflict, Brandon was friendly and confident. The current Mr. Olympia doesn’t think that being a champion once is wrong. He also says winning the Olympia is not the only aim of his life.

Brandon responded that he was eager to see Phil back. The sportsman is preparing to do his best on the stage. Curry assures his fans that he won’t be upset seeing one of his colleagues a new champ. Curry’s words were appreciated by his friends and fans. ‘He’s not only a great bodybuilder but also a great man’, – his follower commented. ‘U r cool and wise, bro!’, – added another fan of the sportsman.

Sports experts say that Phil may dethrone Curry if he’s back this year. Yet Brandon is not an easy competitor. He has an excellent physique and sparkling charisma. The last year’s victory made him more confident and masterful. This battle will be worth seeing!

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