Phil Heath was keeping the title of Mr. Olympia for 7 years, since 2011 when he got it the first time, until 2018 when he finally became the second Olympia sportsman.

Being a rare example of a long-lasting success, Phil has attracted a huge army of haters. Now, when the sportsman gave his throne to Shawn Rhoden, he was simply attacked with criticism and negative comments.

Phil stays one of the best bodybuilders after taking the second place during 2018 Olympia. The same result could make any of his opponents happy. However, former Mr. Olympia took it as a great loss. Heath’s fans noticed he was emotionally unstable right after the competitions.

Sports experts said that Phil could finish his career and deny taking part in Olympia again. The rumors started after the sportsman’s wife published a strange Instagram post that could mean that Phil decided not to return on the Olympia stage again.

Phil kept silence for several days after his loss. After a long pause, Heath calmed his fans down, telling he was not going to stop training or deny an idea to become Olympia winner again.

At the same time, the topic of 2018 Olympia still seems to be very painful for Phil. Receiving some critics from Lee Priest a bodybuilding veteran, Heath went mad and didn’t hide his aggression answering his colleague’s comments. The sportsmen have started a real war of words. Finally, Phil Heath threatened his opponent with a ‘personal meeting’.

The sports fans are now witnessing the online-argument, guessing how far it may go.


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