Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Patrick Moore Looks Like a Real Muscled Beast

This year bodybuilding goes to the next level! At least, some of the sports celebrities definitely do!

Patrick Moore has always been an example of a great physique. The IFBB professional bodybuilder has got excellent genetics and strong character, however, Patrick has never been too popular, comparing to the Olympia kinds like Phil Heath or Ronnie Coleman.

Can this be changed? Looking at Moore today, it’s easy to imagine that he will manage to reach some great results in the nearest future.

The sportsman is already preparing for the upcoming contests and posing shows. He started his diet to reduce the level of fat and water in his body. This helps Patrick to looks more shredded and very lean.

This is nothing more but a bodybuilder’s routine that happens before every contest. However, fans of the sportsman noticed some great changes in him. The bodybuilder who has never looked too massive before is looking simply huge these days.

Moore posted some fresh photos on his Instagram account to demonstrate his excellent shape. It’s easy to notice that Moore looks significantly bigger than before. He developed very massive hands and chest muscles and now, looks more impressive than ever before.

“The vacuum pose! I’m starting to see a lot of people mimic this “historically classic pose!” This pose is much more than just a small waist….it’s arms, lats, shoulder to waist ratio. Which makes it a great pose for me! As a competitor, it’s smart to know which poses are your strong ones and compliment your physique well, so you can present it on stage!! 2 weeks to go!💪🏽” ) Instagram, Patrick Moore. @patricktmoore)

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