Here is a detailed review of Fortitude Series.

Fortitude is a city in the Arctic that is different from any other place in World. It’s full of scenic polar land and occupied with people who form a united society, the place has never been a spot of a fierce crime. That shifts, however, when a researcher is murdered, which results to an inquiry that encourages police officers start suspecting and mistrusts each other. Fellows of the society also scuffle to understand the fear that has been unchecked between them. Though all this going around the region, beyond normal temperatures effects in record ice melt down, which exposes a secrets that have long been concealed beneath Fortitude’s iced up land.

Location of Fortitude

There aren’t actually any wild polar bears in the Icelandic fjord that pairs as the home of the frozen thriller. However there’s ample of impressive landscapes. It’s a fictional and sited on Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago about midway between the mainland and the North Pole, but is in fact taped in east Iceland.  Picturesque drive away in Reydarfjordur, which takes place on the lengthiest and broadest of Iceland’s eastern fjords. The town is serviceable but the setting is theatrical but the snowy town at the  mid of Sky’s scientific fictional murder mystery is really in East Iceland.

Main Cast of Fortitude

The creator Simon Donald closely observed and hired the cast of Fortitude which includes:

Fortitude Season I

  • Mia Jexen as Police Constable.
  • Alexandra Moen as Police Constable.
  • Sienna Guillory as Natalie Yelburton.
  • Luke Treadaway as Vincent Rattrey.
  • Richard Dormer as Police Station Chief.
  • Sofie Gråbøl as Governor Hildur Odegard.
  • Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Police Sergeant.
  • Nicholas Pinnock as Frank Sutter.
  • Jessica Raine as Julia ‘Jules’ Sutter.
  • Christopher Eccleston as Professor Charlie Stoddart.
  • Stanley Tucci as Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton.
  • Edvin Endre as Rune Lennox.
  • Ken Stott as Erling Munk.
  • Michael Gambon as Henry Tyson.
  • Dennis Quaid as Michael Lennox.
  • Michelle Fairley as Freya Lennox.

Over view  

A scientist at the Fortitude research center known as Professor Charlie Stoddart is been approached by the Jason Donnely, in the scene he has found a huge carcass. Jason trys to sell the carcass to Charlie, however he refuses and tell Jason that he will report against him to the police In charge of illegal selling of aa scientific discovery. In the mean, a boy, Liam Sutter is walking with his friend, Charlie Morgan and suddenly, he blackouts. After a while when he wakes up, he comes to know that he is all alone. His father, Frank is nowhere seen. The young boy gets up and jumps out the window in the snow barefoot. He is admit to the hospital after having frostbite. At the same time, Storddart is observe dead by the scientist Vincent Rattrey due to a fierce attack.

The police arrests Rattrey but when the forensic officer reach he declares Storddart to be alive, however, he dies in the way to hospital. The sudden disappearance of Natalie suspects Sheriff Andersen that rather she is a victim or culprit. Later when Henry Tyson finds that stoddart is dead, he calls one of his old friend in Britain. To investigate the murder DCI Eugene Morton from London police arrives. Anderson Is unhappy On Morton’s arrival. To save the effects of frostbites Dr. Allerdyce offers Liam’s mom to take part in an experimental treatment.

The investigation for Natalie Yelburton stays, but evidence from Eric Odegard indicates the team to Jason Donnelly, who they doubt may be guilty for Stoddart’s massacre, who he threatened before in the day. Sheriff Andersen is doubtful when he hears Morton left London earlier Stoddard’s killing was even reported. For the time being, Morton accepts recommendation from local teacher Markus Huseklepp, who goes to him after a vicious clash with Frank Sutter. As the hunt for Natalie and Jason clues the team to an investigation dugout on the glacier, they in conclusion stagger upon a probable motive for the killing. As the team departs to find Jason’s brother Ciaran, Governor Hildur learns Stoddart left a telephone note for his wife, which could prevent her ideas to construct a hotel on the glacier.

Ciaran is found packed down and restricted in a warehouse at the back of his shop, and he indicates the finger to Ronnie Morgan. Morgan is nowhere found, and his daughter, Carrie, is also disappeared. Meanwhile, Morton snatches his chance to interview Henry Tyson, who rejects making the phone call that brought Morton to Fortitude. When Eric Odegard visits Julia, an unpredicted accident takes him to find out Frank’s blood-stained T-shirt in the lavatory. Eric tries to alert Sheriff Andersen, but he is beyond radio range while probing for a yacht used by Ronnie Morgan in his emission. Later, an important piece of proof appropriate to Stoddart is taken from Morton’s hotel room while he is diverted by an dispute next door, where he find out an angry Sheriff Andersen violently thrashing Frank.

Mortan is interrogating by Frank. He refutes being guilty for Stoddard’s killing and claims, on the night in inquiry, he found his son hid in blood, saying this make happen by a rip apart swelling in his son’s throat. Hildur arranges a DNA test to check if the blood found on the shirt is Stoddard’s or Liam’s. Elena discloses he told out to have sex with her and left his son unaccompanied. The blood is definite to fit to Stoddard, but Frank is obstinate that he found his son hid in blood and was not guilty for the murder. When Morton discovers a pair of blood-stained pyjamas buried in Liam’s room, the proof apparently approves Frank’s story. In the intervening time, Ronnie Morgan carry on to lay low from the police, sleep out on the glacier with his daughter.

In a recurrence to the night of the assassination, Liam is seen parting his bedroom and walking over to Stoddard’s house. He attacks him with a cutting board earlier taking shelter under the kitchen table. Additionally forensic examination of Stoddard’s dead body exposes a cracked fingernail stuck in a rib, later firm to belong to Liam. Dr. Allerdyce awakens Liam in his hyperbaric compartment just long ample for him to approve to Morton he was there at the killing act scene. Jason learns Ronnie has taken the ivory tusks from the Mammoth carcass. Now, the emphasis of Morton’s inquiry shifts to the deceased Pettigrew, a geologist who was consumed by a polar bear. After learning who was liable for thieving the proof, he suddenly blunders upon a probable crime scene.

Fortitude starts to come to terms with Stoddard’s death; Morton initiates his inquiry to find out who was guilty for Pettigrew’s killing. After visiting the research Centre and talking with lab operator Max Cordero, he apt to discover Yuri Lubimov, whom he is sure, holds important facts on the case. Shirley Allerdyce turns into more and more sickening, but her mate Markus endures his quest to make her ‘more beautiful by the day’. Lubimov advises to Morton that Eric was guilty for Pettigrew’s killing, and that his police coworkers have secret evidence in order to defend him.

Henry Tyson has a memory and takes in that he snapped Pettigrew’s assassination scene. Ronnie Morgan organizes a deal to trade the ivory tusks but is trap and is enforce to hand over his goods at gunpoint. Shirley’s disease overcomes her, leading her to cruelly attack her own mother and leave her for dead.

The inhabitants of Fortitude are worrying about the second violent attack and doubt a serial killer may be on the loose. Shirley is detect dead of a heart stroke in a nearby supermarket. Frank Sutter persuaded the second attack verifies his son was not guilty for Stoddart’s killing and tries to find evidence to verify Markus’ connection. As Dr. Allerdyce battles for her life in hospital, Carrie Morgan finally come backs home.

Frank Sutter probes Huseklepp, persuaded he was guilty for his son’s connection in Stoddart’s expiry. In the meantime, Rattrey and Yelburton obtain a message from Stoddard, to be sent in the occasion of his expiry. It asks them to execute a brain study on a polar bear that is angry and consume one more adult male. Venoms in the bear’s brain inspire Rattrey to do the same analysis on Shirley Allerdyce to determine if her body carried the same toxins. When the test results come back positive, Rattrey understands an ecological factor frolicked a part in both killings. Morton lasts to investigate into the conditions nearby Pettigrew’s expiry. When he finds a sequence of photos in Henry Tyson’s dark room portraying the scene, he understands Sheriff Andersen’s type of events doesn’t verify.

The trial to regulate if Liam Sutter carries the same venoms as Shirley Allerdyce hail back as negative, compelling Rattrey and Yelburton to pursue approach. They learn both committers carried bacteria in their blood, signifying an aerial virus. When Jules decides to escape with Liam, they learn Hildur seal down the island in order to regulate who has been affecting. Jason Donnelly comes back home, maltreated and injured, but rejects to give an account of his location. Morton heads out onto the glacier in search of Henry, but encounters a horrible destiny when Henry rejects to be interview by Morton. Huseklepp becomes progressively nervous when the research center rejects him access to Shirley’s body.

Andersen domes out onto the glacier in an effort to release Morton. In a remembrance to the night of Pettigrew’s passing, Andersen exposes to Morton that he found Pettigrew in Elena’s hotel room after raping her. After calming him, he takes Pettigrew to the seashore and chain him to a tower. There he was then attack by a polar bear before being gunshot by Henry Tyson. In the meantime, Rattrey goes in hunt of Stoddart’s dog, shot at the act of his killing. A postmortem examination discloses the dog swallowed worms found in Stoddart’s leftovers. Doubting Dr. Allerdyce became the worms’ host, moving them from Liam Sutter to her daughter; he lastly exposes the link concerning the two killings. But when trying to expose the worms’ identity, he discovers Dr. Allerdyce’s body has become a nursing ground.

Rattrey is stuck with Dr. Allerdyce in her hospital room, enforced to yield to the disease of wasps, as Yelburton and Sheriff Andersen watch feebly. In the meantime, Eric goes out in hunt of the lost ice tool, and discovers Yuri and Max out on the glacier. Yuri, chooses to fight Eric, parting him unconscious, but he himself is left strand when he drops into a cave under the ice, into a mammoth’s burial ground. Jason lastly discloses the site of the mammoth carcass, and the site of Ronnie Morgan’s body, but it all appears too late. As Elena yields to the virus, Andersen is enforce to make a life moving decision.


Fortitude Season II

  • Ralph Riach as Ralfi Sigurdson.
  • Joi Johanssen as Axel Fersen.
  • Brian McCardie as Lazlo Hindemith.
  • Jude Akuwudike as Dr. Adebimpe.
  • Gershwyn Eustache, Jnr. as Tomak Bowzyk.
  • Rune Temte as Lars Ulvinaune.
  • Eloise Smyth as Yeva Podnikov.
  • David Yip as Hong Mankyo.
  • Paul Ready as Mark Devlin.
  • Steve Toussaint as Avec Lamont.
  • Mark Field as ‘The Fiend’.
  • Jessica Henwick as Bianca Mankyo.

Over view  

During a traffic accident a headless body is detect. Medical examination observes that it was not an accident. Ingrid and Petra are searching for the identity of the causality. In the absence of Dan and Eric the charge of the investigation was hand over to Hildur. At the same time, fisherman Michael Lennox has inclined up in Fortitude in the faith of gathering. An arriving haul of infrequent Arctic King Crab value skyward of $13 per pound. Now he doubts that any of his rivals has discovered about his plan. Vincent is leaving for London after telling his feeling for Natalie. To bring Eric home Hildur sends a searching group, later Dan suddenly returns.

Hildur comes to know that she is going to be change as governor by the Munk. The glacier accident has taken an interesting turn, Ingrids finds a piece of cloth of Rune in the causality’s house. By using Tavrani as a base of knowledge to know how the execution took place. Eric finds that the missing head is in Tavrani’s freezer. Somehow Tavrani succeed to escape Eric and the team not telling the identity of the killer. Michael and Markus join forces when a polar bear run riot in a primary school. Vincent and Natalie are busy finding the reason of the bear’s anger. Dan is battling for life, and Hildur find the reason of his why her superiors want to throw her out.

Eric, Ingrid and Petra lastly succeed to track down Tavrani, but he miscarries to deliver them with any valuable info as to who the murderer might be. For the time being, Natalie and Vincent set out into the wasteland in an effort to learn why a deer has been marked eating the residues of a polar bear in the frosty wastes of the tundra. When another headless victim is found out on the glacier, Munk desires Eric to jerk out all of the stops to clasp the murderer. Though, the murderer’s control of terror endures to cause distress when a funeral site is attacked for living organs. Whereas stuck in custody, Tavrani is terrified into danger when a disguised intruder forces his way into the place and uses a blade to take away his tongue. Surinder instructs a assessment of Dan’s medical history in the light of his unbelievable rescue. Hildur fights to regulate to life outside of government.

Hong Mankyo detects the second headless casualty found out on the glacier as his lost daughter, Bianca. Tavrani initiates to get well in hospital, but stays to reject to detect who was guilty for the malicious attack. Hildur and Eric’s affiliation carrys on to smash as it becomes obvious that Munk has hidden intentions for becoming substitute governor. Michael suggests Hildur help in recovering communications from Munk’s computer that  deliver’s information as to why she was dismiss. Vladek Klimov comes to Fortitude and reignites his alliance with Freya. Dan accesses a plan to realize why Elena is being convict by Surinder. Natalie and Vincent’s field tour stays to twist when Vincent begins to agonize from a session of mysterious blindness. Eric comes in person with Dan for the first time meanwhile his amazing rescue.

Just minutes later his discharge from hospital, Tavrani is found gone of doubted heart failure. Far ahead, throughout the burial service for Bianca Mankyo, a hooded figure disturbs the grievers by heartlessly mocking them with Tavrani’s lost tongue. Eric and Michael give pursuit, but find themselves ran into a secretive home. Where they discover Bianca’s lost head put off from the ceiling in a yellow hold all. Hildur is in doubtful scene in her hotel room. It comprises video footage of a postmortem from 1942, in which the victim seems to comeback to life. Dan looms Surinder in order to turning Elena’s life maintenance machine, but is surprised when she sorts an unforeseen recovery. Ingrid realizes that her mother has been sheltering the man alleged of being the executioner. Munk cwarns Tomak that he will not back his activities.

Surinder stresses Munk into distracting the police’s responsiveness to find Dan and Elena, in spite of Tomak having developed the fourth casualty of the still anonymous serial murderer. Michael attempts to persuade Natalie and Vincent of the potentials of full tissue renaissance with the indication file collected in 1942. Hildur and Eric are enforce to challenge their feelings for one another, but when Hildur try to persuade Eric of Munk’s corruption, he rejects to trust her. In the meantime, a huge sinkhole seems on a highway out on the glacier, and Munk is hesitant to devote the town’s resources on setting it.

Petra accomplishes to track down Dan, but he then manages to blackmail Surinder to protect his discharge from custody. Hildur decides to contest Munk to find out the fact after her eliminate as governor, but her struggles to trap him into a trap, subsequent in his own fall, end in disaster.

Munk stays to plot the occasions nearby Hildur’s death. As Freya’s fitness starts to decline, Michael went in search of the climate station featuring in the video from 1942, but learns that he negotiate for when he is oppose by a lone Russian warrior. Munk desires Eric to increase the investigation and fix the killer before he takes another victim. Subsequent a heart-to-heart with Vladek, Dan finally initiates to agree the change in his behavior, but not before he manages to infatuation Elena to expire. Natalie approaches Munk with indication of Surinder’s corruption, but he declines to inspect. Eric’s doubts begin to grow when it becomes obvious that Hildur has been uncontestable for some time. When he gets the news of a dead body floating in a stream out on the glacier, he is hopeless to find out that the victim is his ex wife.

The investigation team reaches in Fortitude in finding Dan. Natalie’s ailment continues to deteriorate, but, when Vincent notices that Surinder is departuring town. He is enforce to take severe act to possibly save his friend’s existence. Dan reveals to the townsfolk that Hildur is dead and gives a frightening account of her death, naming Munk as her murderer. As he lets the townsfolk to perform their own form of justice, Michael realizes that he is the only individual who grips the key to saving Freya. As Michael endures his hunt for answers, Eric comes to his release when he is shoot by a fellow of the extraction crew.

Ratings of Fortitude

Criticizers gave positive analyses. Reviewers such as “Rotten Tomatoes” give the first series an 88% rating with an average total rating of 7.7 out of 10 on the basis of 26 criticizer reviews.

The serious consensus reads “Fortitude’s fine actors, thoughtful stepping, and distressing set delivers the show with additional titular value. The critics give the first series a score of 75 out of 100 and point out “generally favorable reviews” based on 15 critics reviews.